Put a PENNY in the SLOT to feed the baby!!! Sunshine Baby

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  1. What a horrible low life man no dad should use rhein daughter or son for money jts even worse the girls disabled is he going to put her on a street corner with a sign poor family they bed to get money to feed me .I think the child protected services should get involved I thought the idea of adopting a child is because you want a child to love and protect well that dad and mums not doing that they are exp,outing her

  2. Sorry i had to stop watching this Dougal. It upset me too much. Families like this who are meant to be fostering vunerable kids in protective often troubled circumstances and then abusing that safety and privacy online is all kinds of sick!!

  3. Wow just wow , how low can these people possibly stoop ??
    I couldn't watch it all as honestly distressed so much .
    I was adopted myself was 6 weeks old when my parents fostered me , they went onto adopt me just before my 6th birthday .
    I can honestly say if they had dared to post videos of me or my siblings (not blood related) in such a vile way social services would of stepped in and took us back , more so i would never of spoken to them again .
    You give a child a home that should be filled with love and care (more so when going down adoption route) .
    Sorry in tears at moment as so angry and disgusted at how these horrid people think and often do get away with this treatment

  4. It's very obvious he just saw an opportunity to try and make money from his situation and signed his daughter right up for the exploitation. So sick of these people!

  5. Oh my oh my…. thank you Dougal for not showing the full clip, this really isn't you tube content…the awful clickbait…what is wrong with these people family vloggers really are the lowest of the low. Rats have more appeal..

  6. It’s simply appalling what these people do for money, when is u tube or someone somewhere going to stop this going on? So so wrong for the children

  7. What a pathetic excuse for a human Adopted the child so he could line his pockets When are YouTube going to stop this sort of content It’s heartbreaking Shame on you YouTube

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