PVP CBD Vape Liquid Review ( Thoughts & impressions )

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  1. Just want to make this clear everyone. I made the mistake of calling this "oil" this is not a oil at all. This is a vape liquid. I do apologize and dont want to cause any confusion. Thanks guys

  2. I could do with some of this for my anxiety and other health problems i'de be worried about getting it from certain different companies I wouldn't know where to start lol ,that's even if we're allowed to buy it in the uk I'm not sure on that I think I'll look into it thanks a.a.t.v 😄

  3. I've never used cbd but ive been wanting to try it but it's to damn expensive. There is so many different conpanys out there and some companys and brands dont work for someone but another will work for them. Does that one have a nasty earthy taste? Some are way stronger then others with that earthy taste. But they also have flavored ones as well but you can mix them with your own ejuice and it works just the same.. just incase you didn't know that. But nice quick review!

  4. Love vaping cbd so does my wife,she really digs the Charlotte's Web but it's so damn expensive.great review as always brother,it's cool to see you break away from the norm and review something outside the box.hope all is well,take care.

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