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Little Egg Harbor, N.J.: When I got my diploma from a prestigious university in New York, I thought I would be getting the job of my dreams. I was elated at being so lucky to get a chance to be around music writers, creative thinkers and some famous people now and again.

I was only doing accounting but I had a really nice office where I could hear the creative system in action. I noticed that by lunchtime I had not accomplished all that I needed to. I went to lunch, felt refreshed and went back to find my work lacking. After two months, I had accomplished nothing. I was asked to resign and I left with my tail between my legs. Then I realized that all these very happy, musically talented people were smoking pot all day. It had been filtering into my office and making me feel braindead. I was happy to leave a job that was making me believe I had lost my mind and become totally incompetent.

What I want to know is who made New York and New Jersey legalize a drug that could make people so inept at work even if they graduated cum laude from school? No wonder this country has created such mentally weird politicians from both sides of the aisle! I cry for where this country is heading. Pot smokers tell you that they can stop whenever they want. Do we all believe that? Rose S. Wilson

Astoria: Re “Character actor Baker Hall dies at 90″ (June 14): A fine send-off by the Daily News for the actor Philip Baker Hall. As the library cop on “Seinfeld,” Mr. Bookman admonished a young and pretty female employee: ”I remember when the librarian was a much older woman…kindly, discreet, unattractive.” Classic character role. Richard Melnick

Staten Island: In reading Tuesday’s Sports section of the Daily News, I noticed there were no articles or pages about the Mets. There were four pages on boxing, three pages on the Yankees, including the back page, and one page on Phil Mickelson. I realize the Yankees are off to a great start, however, as of today, the Mets are in first place in the National League East and have the overall best record in the National League. What gives? Paul Kraus

Manhattan: To Voicer Andrew Ritchie: Other than being an American Descendant of Slavery/Black man, what egregious act has Alvin Bragg committed to warrant him being fired by the governor? I believe Bragg’s race has more to do with the calls for him to be fired by many people who don’t live in the borough of Manhattan. Based on statistics, crime has reduced in our borough since he became district attorney. Mr. Bragg is doing an excellent job. If elections were held today, he’d win again. Stop the veiled hatred of this Black man. Heyward Johnson Jr.

Flushing: President Biden will be going to the Middle East (Israel and Saudi Arabia) next month. The speculation is that he will try to convince the Saudis to increase oil production in order to help lower gas prices in the U.S. in time to affect the midterm elections. My question is why are we relying on foreign oil when we have our own supply right here? Before this administration came to power, the U.S. was energy-independent. Now we are beholden to outside sources and therefore at the mercy of price increases and shortages when those countries decide to cut back on production. My theory is that if we ramp up U.S. production of oil, the infrastructure will be built and cannot be undone after the election when the government goes back to trying to discourage use of fossil fuels by cutting back on supply, thereby increasing prices. C. Weisman

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Fairfield, Conn.: To Voicer JoAnn Lee Frank: You state that Liz Cheney has admitted that the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was not spontaneous but pre-planned. You further state that if the December 2020 intelligence report forewarning of the violence had not been ignored and the National Guard had been deployed, there never would have been an attack. My questions to Ms. Frank are these: Who ignored the warning of the intelligence report? Secondly, Mike Pence begged the president to deploy the National Guard but that took hours. So, Ms. Frank, who above Pence would have held the National Guard back? Stephen Johnson

Richmond Hill: To Voicer Raymond Klett: I am responding to your questioning that our democracy was in danger during the Jan. 6 insurrection. You do realize that these people were there to harm our elected government representatives and it was an uprising against the government of our U.S.A., don’t you? Most may not have had guns (as you stated) but they had many other weapons and caused much violence, destruction and even death! You are either naive and poorly informed or brainwashed by right-wing propaganda. Kindly open your eyes and see the truth! Ene Kelly

Arcata, Calif.: Her foolish, fascist father is a fraudulent liar, or so said Ivanka Trump in her testimony. Donald Trump knew damn well that he lost! Diabolical Donald is a dishonest total phony. Who in the hell actually believes Trump won? You’d have to be braindead to buy that stuff. All the polls all along said it was President Biden, and Biden won in a landslide sure enough. Trump is a loser! Deranged Don is just a con, and his violent lunatic goons just can’t go on. They weep all over their evil assault weapons, not for the dead in Uvalde, but for their guns. Kiss those machine guns goodbye, neo-Nazis! The fat lady Trump has sung, the GOP is done! Racist Republicans will choke on all their hate while we, the people, all vote on Nov. 8. Jake Pickering

Astoria: The left-wing is very bad and the right-wing is very good. The right-wing is deplorable and the left-wing is compassionate. President Biden is bumbling and weak and Donald Trump is a strong leader. Biden is the right person for the job and Trump is the worst in every way. Welcome to a new phase: The United Hates of America! Karen N. Pearlman

Waterloo, Iowa: I do not like the nomenclature associated with the Senate’s proposed red flag law. While the co-authors of the bill claim it is not a federal red flag law, utilizing this name at the state level is merely a segue into federal law. We all know that if the Democrats are in power, all conservatives will fall under this label and be restricted from their Second Amendment rights. The Supreme Court has already heard a case and found (9-0) that red flag laws violate the due process clause of the Constitution. Instead, I would like to introduce it as the “See Something, Say Something” law. The accused would still have rights under the due process portion(s) of the Constitution, and the person making the claim against them cannot remain anonymous. The accused have the right to face their accusers. Reed Pryor

Manhattan: Voicer Jimmy Layton is still drawing incorrect and illogical conclusions from his “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” screed. The proper statement should end, “bullets kill people.” The correct conclusion, then, is to ban bullets. The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms but says nothing about any right to own bullets. True silliness is hunters, Black Panthers, KKK extremists and would-be mass shooters brandishing rifles and other similar weapons that are unloaded. I have yet to see a lone gunperson kill even one schoolkid with an empty AR-15. Chris Lee

Penticton, British Columbia: When the rain ceased, the flood went down and Noah’s Ark was safely back on Earth. When the flood of guns ceases, America’s and Russia’s reigns of gun violence will end and all can again enjoy Mother Earth. Replacing the motto ”In God We Trust” by ”In Guns We Trust“ hasn’t worked out too well. Joe Schwarz

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