Smoking CBD flower for the first time | Natural Anxiety Relief

18+ ONLY Hey Guys! In todays video we try smoking CBD flower for the first time! I tried it for my anxiety and general …


  1. I'm late to the party but if you haven't figured it out and wanna give it another shot, you just have to tank through the coughs, it's like that with cigarettes, weed, everything. Kinda like kids trying hard liquor for the first time and choking on the alcohol burning them, or that burp for the first couple sips of coke when all the CO2 explodes when you swallow (what, just me?). You will get used to it with time and you'll stop coughing, at least with the hemp

  2. Did it raise your heart rate? I can’t smoke thc because it makes my heart pound and gives me panic attacks. I wanna try CBD but I’m scared. If it doesn’t raise heart rate I’ll think about it. Did u notice that it raised your heart rate at all whatsoever?

  3. I love your video! I love your pink baby lungs! i recently stopped smoking but wanted to try hemp and CBD flower for pain management and stress relief. i want to try it with organic wraps like high hemp etc. I think there is so much going on these days with COVID and everything else. It is a lot and can cause anxiety so don't feel bad you are not alone sweetheart. God is working it out just keep the Faith. Thank you so much for sharing. Stay safe and blessed! 😊😷🙏☝

  4. Lifter is not Indica. It is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid. The best strain in the world IMHO. Hey whats your native American spirit animal? Look that shit up. Mine is the Beaver. I don't like indica. I cant be on couch lock. F*** that. Sativa Baby all the way for me. Thank you! A lot of times I feel the same as you described.

  5. Cheef botanicals makes good cbd vape carts. They don’t have additives and their flavors are terpene based so they don’t taste super great but there’s also no shit going into your lungs. They work w some affordable vape batteries too like the ccell m3. They’re a good place to start imo

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