Spine injections for back pain: my experience and how they make you worse!

I’ve had my share of injections, and they aren’t the problem solver than many think they are. #backpain is solved by removing the …


  1. For sure always remove the cause of pain. When I got mine I was 2 months into the Mcgill method and the disc bulge was off my nerve root right as I got my injection and continued to follow the method. I feel way better today than I have in years.

  2. Your advice helped me after a back injury, leaving it alone for a while while I heal and get the core strength up. Now, I’m only doing heavy (for me) conventional deadlifts twice a month. I’m doing more technique deadlifts, RDLs and Sumo. I’m also taking more squat technique days and pushing front & high bar squats more.

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