Thailand becomes the first Asian country to partially legalize Marijuana | DW News

Thailand plans to give away 1 million marijuana seedlings to encourage growers — getting high, however, could still be punished.


  1. Looks like Thailand is no different to America, China and Australia. The Hilltribes in Thailand and Cambodia are known for growing conesour herb. I consider the dark string Thai stick of the 90's to be quite possibly the best ganja I've ever smoked. I've smoked highest quality Maroc, Leb, Temple Balls, Kashmiri and Afghani cannabis. For me the high that the Thai stick that has been dipped in oil provides is above and beyond anything else I have come across. A feeling of levitation and a beautiful natural organic flavor. It looks like Thailand has no repect for such communities. They live in squalor despite producing world renowned cannabis. Yet hybridized green herb that can be bought anywhere in the world has been capitalized on. Very disappointing to see, racist isn't even the word. America did the same to it's native people, China to Tibet and Australia to the Aboriginals. Thailand now equals generic, I thought it use to have an identity of it's own.

  2. There are many drug addicts in Thailand. For sure, the drug lords in the said country are holding in high or key positions in the government that is why the drug became legal.

  3. They need to educate us on weed useage……Ha!…….Well just so you know we have been using it for many years now…………..we know what were doing………lol………….i just bought 26.50 thc weed strain

  4. ‘Asian Amsterdam’ – yeah, pot is the only comparable thing between Amsterdam and Thailand. Never mind the prostitution and wild nightlife, it’s the pot and only the pot that is similar between the two places.

  5. Asian Amsterdam? Might be? WAY too late for that my friend😅, it's been this way for years. I mean it's right there, red light district is out in the open, police just walk pass it, weed smoking is not uncommon at all.

  6. I smoked. When i was 14yrs to 22yr. All good but got arrested. Then later i tried When i was 45yr ish. Not so fun. Just sleepy. Be warned. It is the oerson. More than the drug drink smoke pill. Some can. Some cant. Juzt pot… it not for many pwople. Then great for other people…… be safe. Some can. Some can not.

  7. I allergic to cannabis,I athink we not ready to pass the law without educating for Thai citizens it s suppose to use in the hospital or pharmacy shop not sell or buy on the street easily this is gonna b big problem for Thai ppl for sure

  8. f a tourist got banned for life over possession of a rolled joint from 2018 , do you think the Thailand Government would reduce banned for life to a 5 year ban? In the Thailand detention center, prior to deportation, several Farang's received a 5 year ban for "overstay" and "possession" too! Still do not understand whey the Phuket court banned a Tourist for Life over possession of a rolled hemp cigarette given to the tourist. Have fun with the "Green" for medical PTSD applications!

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