The fact that I’m speaking about this is beyond me, BUT I have to be honest and tell you why taking this was fundamentally life …


  1. Do you feel any difference? I dont smoke and these are my first time trying edibles. I took 2 and dint rlly feel anything. I just took another one. See if it kicks in.

  2. I love these!!! Since I can't smoke weed cause we get drug tested at work.. this was my way to go.. I love them I even use em when I'm at work gets me through stressful days

  3. Just dropped in to say thanks for the promo code. I bought all 4 gummies and they came up to 83.00 down from 104.00. I’ve also tried the strawberry 20:1 and liked it but for the most part was looking for a majority cbd, so I’m excited to get these gummies.

  4. I'm glad i came across this video i was looking for info on the WYLD CBD gummies.

    I'm trying them tomorrow, i ordered the WYLD strawberry 2:1 cbd/thc ratio and the Pomegranate 1:1 ratio and another brand called Wana Yuzu flavor gummies 2:1 ratio. I hope they will help with body pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.

    I'm a heavy cannabis consumer high thc i guess you could say through vaping cannabis oil cartridges both distillate and full spectrum live resin cartridges at work and in public and at home i vaporize or dab cannabis concentrates on a glass bubbler and also vaporize weed flower on a volcano table vaporizer and have smoke bowls of flower and smoke joints too not all at once of course. This all is not really helping my physical pain that i have throughout my whole body, mind and soul. Effects dissipate really fast and my relief is short lived or non existent.

    Sorry to make this long …

    Edible wise i have been trying different stuff with no luck. This one brand Proof Tsunami capsules with 100 thc each and less than 2mg cbd each 9 pills per package. Cannatique brand tinctures with 900mg of thc and 100 mg of cbd. I have had little luck even when ingesting all of them at once like all the capsules or all the tincture.

    Anyways i hope they will help and just wanted to say you made a great informative video on the product i'm looking at. I liked the breakdown of it was helpful Thank you.

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