The Hard Lives of Britain's Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

Legal highs are set to be outlawed by the British government in response to a growing number of news reports about students …


  1. Man I smoked K2 before when it was legal and it's a good thing it's illegal over here in the US now. That felt nothing like a weed high and it made me just feel like I wanted to throw up. Had me feeling very nauseous, thankfully I live in Michigan and we have legalized marijuana here.

  2. I tried it one time because of my cousin. Smoke shop was selling it over the counter here in California. Which surprised me because it looked illegal but I didn't think much of it. My cousin asked me if I wanted to try it. That it's not that bad. So we bought a bag and went home to try it.

    All I remember was that I was standing up. As soon as it hit me I immediately fell back onto the couch and started hallucinating. I saw myself sitting on a place that was crashing down. Half of it was gone. I felt like I was falling. Everything was blurry and fast at the same time. The high didn't last long though. Quickly went away. Never tried it again. It didn't scare me or anything like that.

    I just didn't see a point in wasting money for a short high. So I never went back to it. Thankfully it's pretty difficult for me to get addicted to things. I'm fortunate I never got a craving again

  3. I know a few guys who got some spiced weed and the story goes they all started smoking but after about half way most of them said they felt weird and they stopped smoking. One of the guys ended up finishing the blunt but I guess the rest of the night they felt sick and they felt really drunk. The guy who ended up finishing the blunt ended up sleeping for like a day and a half

  4. Yeah i can tell u know syntjetoc cannabis should not be classed as the same catagory as actual marajuana that contains THC, what this synthetic stuff contsins is the equivalent to LSD or ACID

  5. I was addicted to deuce for over 3 years there would be nights when I would run out and I would have to go wander the streets looking for roaches at every light rail station just to not feel the pain and then I would go search for that next good K2 strain because they started cutting it. It's sad as f*** but there's an actually a gang in Minneapolis called Deuce gang and they all know each other just because of Deuce just remember if marijuana is a great way drug you can go out the gate ust as you came in

  6. Thc compounds have been smoked since the middle ages as hash.

    Weve banned something with a long history and minimal health effects but allow stuff that absolutely destroys people.


    What is the point of the thc ban if the alternatives are worse?

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