Time Management / Dog Seizures / Chalk Paint / The Kacha Podcast 18

In this episode of The Kacha Podcast I will speak on a few topics as usual. First off the most incredible metallic raised stencil …


  1. I'm watching all your videos in order and had to tell you… Our sweet Tana died a year ago as a 14 yr old 3 legged german shepherd. She had seizures for 9 years. I know that scared and gut wrenching feeling you have. We went through many meds but she had a happy long life. Duke is so lucky to have you. He knows that you won't give up on him. 😍🐾🐶🐕🥰

  2. Hey Kacha! I am fulltime at furniture painting and selling. What's your best advice for going to get the furniture. I am single, no help physically moving this heavy furniture, and pushing 60. I get exhausted. Lol.

  3. I have a 13 yr old lab/rot mix, male. This year he started having seizures. I started giving him CBD oil and seizures are gone. He is about 75 lbs and gets 6 drops at night when he eats. I researched vendors and use Koi Naturals. Highly recommend. I hope you try it. It is very unnerving when a dog has seizures plus it wears them out physically. If you are a veteran Koi offers 25% off, so that helps. Good Luck…

  4. I would love to send you a picture of my furniture and get your opinion on what I should do with it! You could start doing videos on responses to requests on your thoughts 😍 please. I'll email you if the email address is on description.

  5. I enjoy watching you, you make me laugh and I have gotten so many good tips from you. First time using chalk paint. I have used Bluestone House chalk paint Canadian. I love it, please try it and see if you like it. Continue doing what you do amazing.

  6. I'm also not very into the blending :)) No idea why, it takes to long, to messy. Dry brushing it's my favorite and the next one after is the washing technique.

  7. Haha! I have a beautiful comforter for our bed that stays in the closet because I’d rather have my Brinkley (Golden Retriever) on the bed with us then have a pretty bed any day. Nobody’s touring through my house anyway, what do I care? 😁

  8. I hope you’re not spreading yourself too thin. Remember, you can’t be everything to everybody. Be true to yourself, keep it simple, don’t over-complicate your life, learn to say no, and find your peace. I worry about you. 🥰

  9. Kacha and Carlos, so sorry Dukey Boy was not doing well. My dog Doogie had seizures late in his life (he lived 17 years) and it is sad and disheartening to see them in this state. I hope he does better and is able to be seizure free from here on end. Try giving him a little bit of honey from beekeeper close to where you live every day. This helps animals build up resistance to allergies from the environment where you live. Hope this helps. Carinos desde Miami, Josie

  10. Maybe try a raw diet or there is a food called Honest Kitchen & chewy sells it. Maybe that would help with his skin problems. My pit is very yeasty & will have problems with his ears too sometimes.

  11. I have learned so much from you. Thank you!! I already did my kitchen cabinets before you posted yours. But thank you didn’t know about counter tops. I think I will do that too.

  12. Hi Kacha so sorry to hear about Duke. He has this incredibly loving look, while looking like a little tough guy. Hope he’s ok. I can tell your busy it’s hard to keep up with all your content. Your reaction to your pink dresser was palpable. I think we all felt it. 🤗🌸🌸🌸🌸

  13. Our dogs are sensitive to certain medications. Our lab hound mix had a seizure after taking a new medication.i called the vets office they said it wasn’t the med. I never gave him the med again and he’s doing just fine. He’ll be 12 this fall. Hubby brought him home one day after he was out walking our other dog. He was so pitiful looking. Hubby found him tied up laying in filth no water broken glass all around him.He still sleeps with his eyes open at times. Separation anxiety etc even after all these years that we’ve had him. The people that owned him was in the process of moving. We are both so blessed to have this big fella and his big brother. Kacha Thankyou for today. .

  14. Glad Duke is better. Love your honesty. I checked out your TikTok I “liked” all of them, its so good Looking forward to seeing more since I am a follower. By the way, I love your music. You mentioned that people didn’t like it. I think it enhances your videos. Don’t worry if you cant post or release something its ok. You don’t want to work yourself to the ground. Keep up the awesome work, but on your own time. 😊

  15. Oh man, I am so sorry for Duke. When I was nearly 16 I had a Boyfriend who had this problem. He died. Did you ever make an allergy test with Duke?
    Love to listen to you. You are so honest, I think this is the reason why so many people love you! Greetings from Germany ❤️

  16. Kaćha, I just love watching you! You are so fun and entertaining. You have so much going on, if you need a video day off then take it. You are not going to loose me, I will miss you that day but I will always be looking for your next video❤
    Give sweet baby Duke some loves for me and fingers crossed that the seizures stop❤
    Thank you for this pod cast hugs stay safe❤

  17. Be sure to give yourself the time you need to regenerate! You input and inspiration is worth so much to me! I love watching you and supporting you! Take all the time you need because when you are doing your work you are giving invaluable information and help and I personally am completely in awe and in love with your work and your information. Keep up the great work! I enjoy every minute and always learn something from your videos and podcasts! You have inspired me to try TicTok ! You are doing well and take care of you for all of your fans!!

  18. I love your work, you were my inspiration to do my special furniture in my craft room. Love Dixie Belle paint and your techniques helped me a lot. Sorry to here about Duke and hope he gets better, he is just part of your channel without him is like something missing 😊. Would love a podcast with brush by Brandy she is also like you amazing and humble. God bless you and your family.

  19. It’s so nice to hear say that you value our time as viewers. As you continue to grow I for one will completely understand you not being able to answer everyone it’s going to end up being impossible. Keep up the good work Kacha and Carlos 🌼

  20. I'm so thankful to hear that your sweet Duke is doing okay. I completely understand how you feel about the fear of losing your baby. I just lost my little fur baby at Christmas. Please know that you always need to put your family before worrying about getting out a video on time. We all love to watch you and your AMAZING talent. Thank you so very much for sharing all your advice with us. Yes this last piece was very beautiful!

  21. One more thing. It is so admirable that you want to thank everyone personally for their support and comments. However as one of your many “Online Moms”, I’d like you to realize that it’s not realistic nor expected. We love you and love how much of your heart, soul and marriage you put into your channel. We know you care, a group thank you at some point in your videos is just fine. Us “online moms” don’t want you to get burned out. Take care of yourself and we are thrilled to learn from you, whenever that is. We will patiently wait. You and your lessons are worth it. With so much love and respect. ❤️

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