Top Dressing With Worm Casting and Bokashi for Growing Cannabis

What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out And Answering Your Grow Talk Questions Like When …


  1. Worm castings vary considerably and some are way too hot and can cause nutrient burn. I found this out the hard way. They are not " mostly microbial", at least not the stuff I bought.

  2. Yeah I actually use the Kobashi to break down my clippings and then feed that to my worms along with the bio-char, crab meal, and wood chips from my snake tanks, banana peels and azomite. And top dress with those castings
    Also I love the comedy keep it coming

  3. Whats that secret? Comeon DUDE tell us. U grow the dank . And i have learned at least half of everything i now as far as growing , from the show. Let us have it!!!! Massive?

  4. I use worm castings and Gro Kashi in veg and then switch to BuildaSoil’s “BuildAFlower” mix at flip and again at the start of week 3 combined with GroKashi. Water in with Recharge and you’ve got some potent black magick! I always stop all Kashi/EM1 foliar/LABs etc at week 5 flower or it’ll slow your maturation. I don’t topdress after week 3 flower either. After that its teas (1.5 cup BAF, 1/8 cup Craft Blend, 1 tablespoon Thrive.N)

  5. In between cycles I top dress amendments and then top with bokashi to help break down faster. Works great. I just made 75 pounds of bokashi this past week. Once ready and dried I will package and label and it's off to farmer markets and growers here in Florida. With the added sea minerals in my bokashi making process it has really boosted growth.

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