TreeTopHemp Disposable Review!

Youtube Has officially canceled my channel. After changing every video, and fixing everything that could potential break the rules.


  1. The 800mg delta 8 carts AND disposables get you RIPPED. I been smoking bud since the 90s, today I bought one for the first time for $30 and I was faded like I hit a normal cart. Only thing is, u kinda get your highest ASAP, then u slowly come down
    That's like the only difference. I loved it. Excellent substitute for if I don't have any regular buds! Can't believe these things are legal either, seriously. I love it!

  2. bro i have got 2 tree tops back to back. both of them..its weird..idk if im doing something or what. The liquid inside the tank is like crystalizing or something and i can't vape that sht. I chain vape sometimes so it gets hot..but wouldn't the temperature make it thinner..not harder. I can't vape this sht what is going on?

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