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  1. Colored in South Africa is its own individual race group with a history of Malay slaves brought by the original Dutch settlers in Cape Town, the original Khoi and San people of sub-Saharan Africa and Original ‘Bantu’ South Africans. They have their own culture, history and traditions. 🙂

  2. I love you guys, I can’t stand Trevor. He injected himself in politics vs staying with his comedy. He let himself get blinded and used. He’s a leftist idiot now. He gave up being a comedian for lies.

  3. hey guys my name is Wandile from south africa in durban, i always love watching you guys react to trevor noah . you know i don't have many friends but when i watch you guys reacting to trevor it always feel wonderful and it feels like i'm watching it with you . i enjoy every second of it ❤ . these 24 minutes felt like i've spent a day with you . 😊

  4. Coloured is not a derogatory term in SA. It's a group of people who have their own culture
    Some are descendents of slaves who were brought here by the Dutch. Some are from the Khoi and San people. Very diverse. But Trevor is not coloured though. He grew up with a black mom in the township mad is not part of coloured heritage. The Apartheid government really didn't care about those little differences though. To them, everybod who wasn't African African and White White, was coloured. But again the Khoi and San people were the original inhabitants here.

  5. Schabir Shaik is a business man who was imprisoned for corrupt business practices and was later released on parole because of ill health and about to "die". Many years later out of jail he is still as healthy and fit as a fiddle.

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