Trevor Noah – Daywalker (Reaction!!!)

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  1. Check out Julias Malema's Speech at The Oxford Union, then you'll find out who the real Julias Malema is. 30 mins of speech on white capitalism will give you another perspective

  2. What can help to understand the politicians in South Africa 🇿🇦 or Africa as whole is to check out South Africa Parliament fun moments in YouTube 😅😅😅😅 it very fun

  3. Yes you need to see some Julius malema videos. Like Julius and eff getting kicked out of parliament. There are several videos of that which are pretty funny. I like Julius a smart young black leader. We need more people like him here in the US. Also check out his speech at Winnie Mandela funeral. He kind of went off a little bit

  4. Malema is Zuma's ex best friend and colleague, Zuma Brought Julius into the politics game and they were presidents of the governing parties Youth League and actual party with Zuma being president of the country while Malema was the president of Youth. He was dubbed the next president but corruption meant he was kicked out of the leading party ANC so he created the EFF which is an opposing party to the ANC. He's a very resolute guy. Tooo far eastern with his politics He's a radical guy… Always gets introuble with the media,he says the most controversial things ever but his reasoning is always on point. I don't like or follow him,but i respect his stance on Racism and white monopoly in SA.. We might be free but our government is captured by the Western.. your Britain's,America and Netherlands, meaning all our minerals and wealth get taken to those countries and the natives of the land get the crumbs. Our economy is at its worst it's collapsing..neighboring countries that get Petrol supply from SA actually sell the Petrol waaaay cheaper than it is in SA, Which makes no sense. But yeah

  5. In polygamy, the wives have their own houses doing their own things. The man visits those houses in different nights. The first is the man wife who approves the following marriages, in some cases. It's an old tradition some cultures still uphold.

  6. 10:39 "He's a woman" is a play on words.
    In the language of Zulu there are no direct pronouns for he and she. So English speaking Zulus often confuse the two referring to males as she and females as he. This is very common.
    So you'll hear something like, " are you looking for my son? She's in the room"
    Or," call my daughter, he's over there"
    So when Julius said " he's a woman" that would be totally natural to hear (in South Africa) if in fact he was referring to a woman, which he was.
    It's a very clever joke only a South African would get.

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