Vaping Pot More Powerful Than Smoking It

Welcome to Impact Factor, your weekly dose of commentary on a breaking medical study. This week, we’re going green with a …


  1. The problem is that this study claims to have used as much as 25 mg THC. That's roughly the equivalent of a 1/8 gram with the strain running at about 20% THC or so – enough to get you going. This study also made the claim that they used a 0% THC placebo, indicating that the study is to be limited to wet vapes.

  2. I’m broken. I take thc for anxiety, insomnia, nausea and pain from a variety of health issues. I hate smoking but I have tried every type of edible, tinctures, and vaping and nothing has any effect on me at all except just smoking flower. I really wanted the vape to work but it has zero effect on me.

  3. As of September 2021 (last time I looked it up for a presentation in my public speaking class) it's fully legal in 17 states, a felony in 11 for certain, and the other 32 are kind of a grey area

  4. As for me, one or two drags from my cartridge pen is equal to or greater than smoking an entire joint. I get higher and save money at the same time. It's a win-win.

  5. I loved this video. I just think it has a major flaw: you dont talk about other studies… There are many studies comparing bio availability of smokes vs vaped cannabis, the majority of them dont seem to show that vaping gets you twice the THC. I think some studies show a similar THC abortion between smoking and vaping.
    But I understand this video is about that study alone. 🙂

  6. This is somewhat propaganda, very small study done, hardly any info. Very biased. Passing judgement at every corner, such as name of cannabis strain. His face just had to twitch I guess.

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  9. CBD oil is best under the tongue Vaping it is bad for the lungs the oil will cause lung problems so dont vape it. It does help people with Autism , aspergers, depression, anxiety ect. but dont vape it.

  10. I tried everything but had to stop vaporizing because it damaged my throat so badly. I started with a Zeus Arc GT vaprorizer on the lowest heat setting only….bleeding throat. Then I tried a Storz and Bickel Crafty + with a water pipe on lowest heat setting only…….bleeding throat and throat infection. Whilst I think my story is pretty rare, but based on my experience, there are some people which will not be able to tolerate the use of a vaporizer.

  11. I am 35 self medicated my adhd and anxiety since I was 12 switched over to vaping 3 years ago I use less weed and no longer get bronchitis its been a life saver to my health. having my cake and eating it too lol

  12. You see, I've always had better highs with weed. Maybe it's because I take smaller hits when I vape it. of course the best highs are when you smoke both at once.

  13. I'm curious about how much weed people use to vape? I have a Volcano (classic) and I use about 300 mg of Amnesia Haze per session and divide that over 3 bags (one every 45 minutes).

  14. So is their any health risk with vaping thc, like I’ve been hearing so many different things. Like I get that there’s health risks with both but like can you get popcorn lung and shit like that from vaping it. I’ve had a shatter pen for like a month and I love it just cause I can microdose hella easy and pretty much cancel out paranoia

  15. Been committing to my Mighty since I got bronchitis from a day of smoking bong rips with a cold. I can literally taste the bong toxins coming out with every productive cough now – that's how I know it's better for me.

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