What does CBD feel like? According to Youtube, Reddit, and surveys.

What does CBD feel like? See testimonials from real people on Youtube, Reddit, research, and surveys. Jeremy also answers the …


  1. I have chronic pain after a car accident in 2012. After riding that wave , from..this to that… I have been taking kratom since 2017…works vert well except in Winter and colder weather days… Its not always enough. So i been taking CBD here and there.. Trying this and that … (Fell for some delta 8, thinking it was just cbd,ended up. high as fughhh…i dont like that) But alli have i ever gotten from CBD is sleepy. Very sleepy.. I dont like to be sleepy.i like to be moving and productive… Right now i use the CLEAN AF CBD vape pen everyday that i take my adderall …and the "Just CBD gummies 27 mg" very sparingly. Idk i just wish it gave me pain relief…not just getting sleepy .

  2. 11:40 So true. It's like you can't believe this whole time this is how everyone else felt all along. It's like "now I get it. Now I can see why you don't care about corruption in the workplace".

  3. 0:30 yes yes Oh my God Joe Rogan that's exactly how I was describing it the other day. It's like I used to worry heavily about the world ending but with CBD (and Seroquel does this too) you still know and see it ending but you feel okay about it. It helps you accept that everything in the world is shite while still being able to work day by day.

  4. I have tried so many different SSRI's and anti-psychotics for my anxiety and depression over the years, they all "helped" but it always felt like fake happiness. I just started taking a 15:15 thc cbd and I gotta say, I feel fucking amazing. I feel normal, to me it very well might be my miracle drug.

  5. I bought Delta 8 THC from canna clear. I got dizzy, and puked every time I tried it. If you want to test something that might be sus thats it. great video

  6. this is the first cbd video where i dont feel like the video creator is talking out they're ass, or they're plugging their coupon code lol. thanks for this

  7. I believe the Plant Therapy CBD Alpha Male was touting is the broad spectrum. Their full spectrum was the first CBD product I tried… and nothing zilch. I’m uncertain about Plant Therapy being a surefire legitimate CBD company. Their specialty seems to be essential oils. However, I’m experimenting with Lazarus Naturals and Sunoil. Both the real deal.

  8. Can too much CBD make you dizzy/lightheaded?

    200+mg of CBD oil (Charlotte Web Full Spectrum) makes me feel noticeably different as opposed to people who say they feel almost nothing

  9. I get what you’re going for in your audio choice. Nice mic, but bruh, get a better pop filter, we can hear every smack of your lips and it’s hella distracting.

  10. It helps raise your consciousness levels, Just feels serene & calm. You’ll have to work on yourself for it to work better (meditation, yoga, workouts etc)

    CBD is just a tool, not the silver bullet.

  11. For me, smoking CBD hemp flower and vape carts help me with my sleep, anxiety and knee pain. Gummys dont do anything for me unless I eat like 200-300 mg all at once. It also helped me quit smoking cigarettes, about 4 days after smoking CBD I stopped getting that impulsive “i need a cigarette” feeling. I havent tried and oils yet. But in general, smoking it helps me. I do use cdb cream on my knee but i have to use so much of it to even feel a slight difference. I’m still experimenting with CBD products. I do like Delta 8 THC it keeps me relaxed, Delta 9 THC makes me feel like the world is going to end any minute unless I smoke like 1G of CBD right after or mixed in like 2/3 CBD and 1/3 THC. Even then though, D9 makes me feel sluggish and completely unmotivated. My wife has noticed a difference in my mood and mindset since I quit cigs and weed (D9) and went with this option. I dont like taking meds if i dont know what’s in it and I like that the CBD that I get has the lab reports with each strain so ik if it’s what I’m looking for, or if I’m looking for a strain for a specific reason.

  12. Just got my Lazarus naturals 120mL tincture in the mail with 60% off for veterans! Here's to hoping that this will be the tool, combined with mindful meditation to finally help me deal with my tinnitus, depression, anxiety, and PTSD episodes. Thanks for such a informative channel man, you got an incredible and soothing voice (no homo), and it's perfect for these information videos. Keep up the good work! It's being noticed by us all.

  13. Just subscribed, your channel is definitely going to blow up. Your microphones are next level. I just ordered the R+R oil from Amazon based on your video. I've never tried hemp oil or CBD products but I have used marijuana before and the body high/relaxation/sleep is what I'm looking for, I know it won't be as intense as that but as long as I can feel my body relax and my joint pain go away I will be a daily user for sure. Your videos are awesome and informative, thank you.

  14. Thanks for the information, for sleep assistance how do you recommend you take it? I just purchased some Elixinol Daily Balance 500MG (after finding this review on your website). Keep up the great work.

  15. So I was finding no results on Veggimins 300mg bottle. Then I saw your video, and subsequently stumbled upon Bluebird Botanical's Complete at my local healthfood store. I started with only like 2/3rds of a serving and man, with this product I was so relaxed and peaceful I felt amazing. I got the best sleep. But this only lasted for about 2-3 days. I've been increasing my dosage too, quite drastically, and am feeling nothing like how I felt the first 2-3 days with this stuff. Is there a tolerance that builds up? Or is it the trace thc that adds to entourage effect that i'm finding tolerance to? I have no idea but its unfortunate because most of the benefits I have been feeling have subsided. I do get some results, but its definitely a lot less.

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