What is CBD? Is CBD legal?

CBD #ondutycbd #legallyarmedamerica This is the first is a two part series to define what CBD is and to determine if we can use it …


  1. Different-ly. When ‘different’ is used as an adverb, rather than an adjective, you add an ‘ly’ to the end of it. ‘Think differently’ not ‘think different’. It seems that no one understands this, anymore; even older people who learned better in school.

  2. Ehh, yer still a pup yet. Many of our maladies come from lack of proper nutrition. As a consumer of CBD, it's not enuff. Food sold in stores today Don't nutrify your body. Supplement with Youngevity products and healing comes very quick. From Dr. Joel D. Wallach. His work is on display in the Smithsonian institute. 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Hemp oil and cbd marijuana oil are different. Hemp is a weed on the side of the road. Marijuana has flowers (the bud) I recommend marijuana cbd. Get from a legit company, look up alchemy health and wellness. I was in the medical Jane market so I know what I'm talking about. Helped alot of people..

  4. I was wondering? Anyone notice how fast cbd was splashed across the country after the farm bill was passed. I takes time to make this oil.? Not to mention time to grow the hemp.? It's the drugging of America 🇺🇸!. It was planned all along.

  5. Very good to reveal all this. Very little known about quality of cbd. I didn't think FDA was involved because of government restriction. But cbd in and of itself was but now isn't illegal. Because of the farm bill. Thank you. I'll be rewatching this. Arthritis has found me. 😁.

  6. Love the channel but you no clue what your speaking about when it comes to kickbacks between the Pharma industry and physicians…You aren’t a healthcare provider so your speaking to what you “read” or “heard” in the media which is no different than the liberal who makes claims about guns and us gun people…Respectfully speak to the facts not what you heard because I tell you right now that your claim is false and makes no sense if you were a healthcare provider!!!

  7. The question I needed answered you mentioned will be answered in your next video, and I can't wait. It is terrible how much red tape hard working people have to go through just to take care of themselves and live better… Love this video and all the work you do, Paul.

  8. You can fail a drug urinalysis when taking Full Spectrum CBD that only contains 0.3% THC, It has happened to me. CBD is amazing and I wish that the testing would catch-up with the science of the day be currently we aren't there. Be careful and stay informed.

  9. IMO Drinking, smoking cigs, cigars, weed and vaping and taking CDC oils and even shrooms should be legal at the age of 21 in USA. This would help states make tax money, reduce the waste of money "fighting the war on drugs" and those who committed these "crimes" in the past have their records expunged now.

  10. I remember when they “legalized” marijuana in California and then the DOJ cross referenced all the firearms owners with the marijuana card database. Overnight these people unknowingly became prohibited persons and were told to surrender all the firearms they owned.

  11. CBD mixed with THC reduces or eliminates the THC effects from being felt. THC is 2 phase; Delta 9 and Delta 8. Delta 8 is now legal in most of the country and has a lot of the same effects as Delta 9. Delta 9 is its slightly stronger brother that most use to get high. YOU NEED THC with CBD for it to be fully effective! THC is the road CBD or CBN uses to effectively commute inside your body. So you are wrong; THC enhances CBDs effects, not the other way around. Think of THC as a road and CBD as a car. That said, CBD has plenty of good attributes to it alone. Lastly, be careful with CBD. You can test positive for THC with long term usage. The small amounts of THC can build up in your fat cells and store there over time. The more fat you have, the more of an issue this could be.

  12. Not all "Marijuana" (ones with a decent amount of THC) is "Sativa", some are "Indica" like hemp. Also it's not "endocannabinoids" (which is pronounced like "cannabis") because they are "indigenous" (although yes your body is basically supposed to make its own, also was once a normal part of our diet & of the animals we eat), it's referring to the endocrine system.

  13. This Government is demonstrably evil, it's past due to stop complying and entertaining their tyrannical demands.

    "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

    Thomas Jefferson

  14. CBD is awesome. Can change people's lives. All the pain killing effects without any buzz to speak of.Can get isolate with 0% THC. Full Spectrum is even better 20% upwards. Our body has an canabanoid system in it. That's not for no reason. THC is also an amazing medical substance. Fair play for educating people.ThankQ.TkEZ>UK

  15. If you are going for CBD oil, go to a health store or trusted source online. Also as he said, "Read the label" so that you get legal product.
    51 yr. old myself, and have been taking CBD oil for a while now.

  16. I don’t care what is legal. I conform to my morals and ethics to steer me through my life because I don’t need legislation to tell me what is bad or good. If you need a law to govern your lifestyle because you lack morals and ethics you’re a lost person.

  17. I used Dr Raw creme 20:1 4oz $45 plus tax on L.A. thats @38% total. Yesterday I applied for bruising and pain and 16hr later no pain return. I use it when shoulder sore for 3 to 4 applications then pain free.
    I will definitely try On Duty!!

  18. Yeah this is not a commercial for CBD at all. CBD oil has yet to receive FDA approval so they can basically make any claim they want at this point. Same as "ion", magnet, and copper wearables as to what they can claim. Marijuana does help for pain but is sadly illegal still in a lot of states. Unregulated manufacturers can make any claim they want as to how good their product is and we saw the effects with the bad batches of vap oils that were sketch made and ended up hurting and killing some folks. Don't believe any CBD claim unless it's independently verified by a reputable lab which any manufacturer can do if they spend the money for legit testing.

    Sure, I want CBD to be the answers to my pain issues but sketch claims from many different products over the years have made me a very skeptical man when it comes to pain relief.

  19. All cannabis should be legal. And owning fire arms as a cannabis user isn’t as dangerous as any media mogul will have you believe.

    The war on drugs turns citizens into prisoners of war…

  20. Please stop with the marijuana, it is all cannabis. Marijuana is a slang term made up by William Randolph Hurst's news papers so he could keep his timber and paper empire. All cannabis is cannabis. Some have different levels of different cannabinoids. Hemp is considered low thc cannabis mostly used for textiles instead of consumption, but it is cannabis….think of it like a tomato. You have beefsteak, you have Roma, you have cherry. All tomato's but not the same. Some have more anthocyanin than others. Almost everything else you said is spot on……..remember people grow your own.

  21. We have CBD dispensaries all over the place here in Virginia. I've tried the buds a few time but to be honest I rather just smoke marijuana. The prices some of these places charge is just ridiculous for the so called good stuff and the cheaper or reasonably priced CBD just looks like dirty grass from underneath a lawn mower lol.

  22. Marajana is better then alcohol. I can't control myself when I'm drunk. So I quit drinking. MJ keeps my ADHD at bay without being tweeked out like Adderall or Ritalin makes me.

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