What is CBN? Why CBN is better than CBD!!

CBD is really good for day use to lower pains/anxiety/depression/negative moods but isn’t really used as a sleep aid or sedative …

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  1. Yeah but….you literally didn't even explain what CBN is, you just described what you think it does and what you think it could benefit with but with 0 explanation of what it is

    Also remember pharmaceuticals much like anything else can be ok to consume if you take it in moderation especially if you need it to live 😡

    On a side note I plan to open a pharmaceuticals laboratory if my first business is successful, one of the meds I plan to have made is an anti seizure medication made of the components of thc that specifically prevent seizures just have to get the dosage right and the right amount of filler oh and if successful I plan to find a way to make it affordable for anyone I'm talking like 10 or 15 bucks or around that range with no insurance oh and incase someone can't afford it anymore I will set up an account for them so that they can get a healthy amount of the medication for free, plus I can always get a decent tax cut for fileing those losses/donations

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