1. It's alway's about the cartel when gringo's don't like something crime or drug's. The United State's of America is suppling the Drug's, how do i know this? well, think about how many drug addicts live in the United States of America how much drugs with these guys need per day? Two blue pills, a syringe of heroin, 2 grams of math to get that many people high in America you would need a shipment larger than a semi can haul.

  2. Politicians and their buddies will cash in, meanwhile the illegal market will thrive just like in any other state because of capitalism.

    All the while, crime will continue to rise because the root causes of these issues will go unaddressed.

    Vote out every democrat.

  3. Ok, so, stick with me here, federal law. Marijuana and transportation of it is still illegal on a federal level. Get it. Cop pulls over a truck with 800 million tons of pot, gives $50 fine plus detains for the DEA. Yay, everyone still wins and Yada Yada. Ya'll kinda got something loose in your cranium to say New Mexico is powerless. Ffs.

  4. Really bad journalism. What a stupid approach to the matter. The cartels might be stopped on account of their non- cannabis criminal activity and nature. This is a contrived bullshit conservative scare tactic. Conservatives always twisting the truth to fit their narrative. The whole point to legalization is to just let people smoke and enjoy their weed without harassment. All the rest, is political and financial bullshit. Fuck all of you. I'm gonna grow and smoke all the weed I want with nobody's permission or license.

  5. Have any of you even lived full time where Mary Jane is legal? It sounds great, right? WRONG. You are all going to stink like dead skunk. Your air will also smell like dead skunk. Well you did it to yourself. Better get better lighting on your roads because you're about to be rolling out the Mary Jane highway zombies. Smh. Pity the little children.

  6. This means an industry that was once part of the black market is now a state market. It is no longer illegal, it should have never been illegal. This will create jobs and get people off the streets. I see this as a good thing.

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