Alcohol Dependence & Withdrawal

In this video, Dr Mike discusses how alcohol changes our brain and the specific neurotransmitters involved in dependence and …


  1. I’m 21. Have about a third litre of vodka a day, unless I’m goingout and I’ll have at least 12 drinks on top of that. I’ve been to detox for a week and failed. I didn’t know what I wanted. Now I’m possibly going to rehab (my choice). I want to live a life without alcohol for breakfast, lunch and dinner. People don’t take me serious when I say “I have an alcohol problem” when I’m 21. They say “don’t we all. We’ve all been there when we’ve had too much” I tried coming off it on my own once and was the worst experience of my life. Genuinely thought it was how I was going to die. Ur body is screaming at u. Good luck to u all I’m proud of u!

  2. I'm a paramedic working in the hospital setting now, and didn't learn much about this particular topic in training. It's come up about use of the CIWA-AR and I just didn't really understand it, so I've been studying today. This helps me understand the reasons why the score works and how benzo's help treat the symptoms.

  3. I will never allow that "bottle" neuss around my neck again. Been two weeks sober and I love my old life again. No more hiding empty bottles from my spouse, no more chugging down vodka, because I had limited time to hide it from someone, no more secret trips to the liquor store, adding it to my Gatorade at lunchtime, or to my coffee sometimes in the morning, and my list can go on and on….. no more memory tricks the next day either!! Waking up in the morning and feeling like you were run over by a truck. This is not only mentally but physiologically great being sober all the time. I would never return to those dark days. They weren't dark at first, until I "crossed" that line.. Any alcoholic knows when the line is crossed. Takes time to realize it though.. When you start becoming "pre occupied" with it. it's time to make that change. I went to a baseball game last year, and made sure I took a bunch of mini nips with me, so I could drink them in the bathroom. I stuffed them in my socks, so my friend wouldn't see them. I had to get my buzz on, no matter what it took. I was really, really bad…. Well, enough of me now.. Best of luck to anyone who is struggling with this. Wasn't a struggle at first, but it crept up on me.. We CAN do this, quitting was the best decision ever!!! A sober life, "Is life"… 😊

  4. I have have just made the decision to quit alcohol. I have been drinking every night after work for years I know this isn't normal today I have made the choice. Last night I reheated the takeaway pizza whilst my family was asleep. And I crashed out with the oven still on. Sub conscious I could smell burning in my sleep. But stayed in a drunken coma only to wake up and realise I nearly burnt the house down. My hands are up and I need help. I have been I recovery for 5 years due to a gambling addiction and now the drink has taken over. I want a normal life I have to beat these deamons.

  5. I'm nearly 19 years sober and clean.
    I guarantee it will only get better, especially if you eat healthy and get into some physical fitness that you enjoy.
    It's a very lonely road from a socializing standpoint, but abstinence is the only road for an alcoholic.
    Remember, no day is wasted if it's a sober day. No life is wasted if it's a sober life.

  6. I've been completely sober for long run , all good ! All the best . Thx American MD doctor . Thx for lecture ! Look how my physic became . Never be others financial plan , I financial plan others through my skillset ! Stay consistently never let any poisons get into my royal body .

  7. I have a problem, I'm hungover again. Sometimes when I am I just like to vent. I drink once every week, No exception. I started to cope with nerves and anxiety when going to classes. Now it's a routine a must for me. I can't go out downtown to do an errand without drinking while walking, then I come back and go for the rest of the day. Sometimes I just pass out on bed without noticing. Now I also got the practice of smoking weed when I get drunk. I get anxious, I want to stop but I can't. The most I've been sober is a week.

  8. I drink too much. I binge drink 6-8 bottles of stella a day. It's so difficult for me to stop drinking, I always tell myself it's going to be last one, lord forgive me for my sins, even when I was possessed by jinns.

  9. I could stop drinking but at times I Feen for it .
    Once I drink one I want to keep going I can’t settle for 3 and just stop
    I want to keep drinking until I feel myself drunk , but I always regret the next day because I feel disgusting that I could drink everyday doing the same thing . I know I feel better when I don’t drink but sometimes there are fazes that I want to drink every day ? Why idk ? 😭

  10. If i could quit drinking my life would be sooooooo much beter…ive been trying on my own. And i always mess up….i wish i could quit this….i hide my drinking from my family…im so afraid toget help cause it will change how every one thinks of me plus i dont have money to do this…my family needs me to keep worki ng ….huh

  11. My friend drinks with dinner.
    Sometimes I have one as well. Usually sparkling water.
    Do not know what to do to help her.
    She knows it's a problem but when wr visit, it is once or twice daily.
    Do I ask her not to drink around me?

  12. I am struggling so bad with my alcoholism. If I don’t drink, I get the shakes really really bad. I can barely function. I resigned from my job of 10 years because I have such a dependency. I am so lost and my husband does not understand it. I’ve tried reaching out to family members but they brush me off. I want help so badly. How did it get to this? Please help me God

  13. Been in brain fog for almost a whole month after opioid detox. I used to get 156 on an IQ test. Yes, i work in government because of it. Yes i work in intelligence. Yes they knew i became an addict, it was part of my cover… no they didnt know that it continued for years after the assignment… now here i am on vacation detoxing… and my brain is fucked. I go back to work next week and i still cant even finish a task. This is getting frustrating. Thanks for the help tho. Alcoholism and opioid addiction does share similarities.

  14. I'm only 21 and i used to drink at least 2 nights a week, sometimes i don't drink in a whole week too. But when i do, i drink a lot ( always finished half a bottle on my own). But this had been an ongoing problem since 2020 and last night i woke up and i felt really cold, but i have sweats all over my body and my sheets and clothes were all drenched. I've never had any cravings when I'm on a break, like i still drink after all those years but doesn't have any cravings. Does anyone have the same experience especially cold sweats at night? Also if i still don't have craving am i still not considered to be an alcoholic?

  15. 🤔 I don't think alcohol withdrawals can straight up kill you. However… as an extreme alcoholic with a very high addiction to it myself. I would say it's not safe to be around other people while coming down. I'm not one of those people who can't control myself when I get drunk. 🤔Atleast in the terms of getting violent. You might find me passed out somewhere though lol. So I guess what I'm saying is I'm not the violent type. I do however have a very strong addiction to it. And trying to completely quit cold, does make me very violent. 🤔 Anyone that knows this experience, knows its just like you feel extremely on the edge. Even if your not the type to be depressed or in your feelings. That withdrawal will have you cursing your own family out in the street, just because they said alittle something out the way. Like I said before, I'm not not the violent type when I drink, but I do drunk very heavily & that come down will make even the nicest person mean. 🤔 Usually not after just the first day. ( The hangover part of it) But by 3 days in, your ready to rip people's heads off lol.

  16. The withdrawals are not bad if you have Is the right medications to help you with throwing up diarrhea and the shakes.. The hardest part is the cravings after you become sober. Librium and konopin are very good medicine

  17. Quite now is the best choice you can make for your health and family. I use to be an alcoholic and I day i made a decision to stop. YOU CAN TOO

    To have less cravings for alcohol you can use psilocybin. Very helpful for withdrawals too, you can research on it and hit me up if you need em. GL

  18. I havnt had a drink in 4 1/2 days.. my ears won't stop ringing, my appetite has increased ALOT and I just feel sluggish and a bit off, like my brain is in slow motion or something (been sleeping alot) and sleepy at work.. anybody have suggestions?? Is this normal??? These symptoms didn't get bad until 2 days after quitting…

  19. I been drinking heavy for a little while now( like at least a full pint a day for a year or so) and I stopped yesterday at noon yesterday and now it's 4 pm today and I don't have any shakes or heave withdrawals.. just nervous thoughts really about stuff financial stuff. I thought it would be much more intense so am I lucky? Does it kickin more after 34 to 48 hours? I heard the withdrawals kick in around 8 to 24 hours as a heavy drinker.

  20. How much would you have to drink for a possible dependence to occur? How often and for how long would someone have to drink to have withdrawals. No videos on YouTube answer this question

  21. My Mum just admitted herself to hospital a couple of days ago in an effort to detox from alcohol and hopefully begin the process of giving up drinking. this was really informative and many things make a lot more sense to me now, particularly about why she is being given Diazepam. My Mum believes that she needs to drink in order to combat her anxiety, whereas I've always suspected that it was the alcohol causing the anxiety.

  22. 5 beers a day makes me have longer sex , happier , more energy and makes me have a better sleep and make me not live forever. Hahahah ok there doc . Thanks but no thanks

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