Autism and its correlation with Seizures by Dr Puja Grover Kapoor | The Special Mom | Nayi Disha

In the above video, Seizures and Autism, Dr Puja Grover Kapoor discusses about autism and its correlation with seizures.


  1. My son is 16,autism kid.
    He got his 1st seizure attack on 1.7 22 and doctor advised Levera 500 (3/day).2nd attack on 27.7.22.
    Each attack followed by severe pain around his vertebral region.Since 10th July he is suffering from severe appetite loss.Please help me understand this as he is only need based verbal.

  2. My son is 16 years old autism kid.He had regression at the age of 2 years.He got his first seizure on 1.7 22 & doctor advised him Levera 500(3/day).2nd seizure on 27/7.He has severe appetite loss since 10th July.Each seizure attack followed by severe pain around vertebral region.Please help me understand his situation because he is need based verbal.

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