Cannabis and MS: Expert Advice on Medical Marijuana

Cannabis and MS! In this video, we invite an expert to share his advice on Medical Marijuana and Multiple Sclerosis. Where to …


  1. Very informative! 😊
    I live in Virginia and they have made medical cannabis legal but are years delayed in making it available. How can I acquire a tincture of cannabis? I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering this. I was convinced when I heard about a good nights sleep and less spasticity.

  2. I find this really interesting and informative. I developed a phobia of even being around cannabis due to bad experiences. I am sick to death of adding medication after medication that do nothing for pain or sleep. I am at the stage and I never thought I would be to try med M with a low thc because cbd on it's own does absolutely nothing for me and is so expensive. In Ireland there isn't the option though.

  3. MD denied opioids for chronic pain. I get that. But that means when I test positive for THC and cannabinoids that whole ding-dong decision falls back to him. Weed might not help everyone with pain per se, but it does distract me. Muscle spasms fade, PN eases up, the hug takes a break from crushing my torso, and the overall effect is positive. Therefore, thanks to VA docs for telling chronic pain patients their MS pain isn't real. Follow up like California (and other states) and legalize the crap out of it. Go ahead and test me. IDC.

  4. As a man who is in your exact position medically, Everything you said is exactly how this wonderful plant helps me deal with my M.S everyday, Strength and Love to you fellow warrior ❤

  5. Thank you Dr. B and Austin. I have been using cannabis routinely for about 2 years to combat my symptoms. It has been a wonderful experience EXCEPT for the ongoing misunderstandings and stigmas associated with its use. This is lessening as professionals become educated and outspoken about its usefulness.

  6. Nice presentation Brothers!! Had MS officially 8 yrs..trace back about 20 or so.Growing fully organic to get them essential oils and terps.Autos an Photos.did a little caregiving a bit.cancer and MS.taught on a international forum for a few yrs as well. And its very helpful for mood.its paramount for that imho. pain it is helpful .but under professional care I have to say,imo. that my painkillers along with cannabis use (which I fully disclose to all doctors)had legal card all.just too expensive.its dumb.LOL but the synergistic and symbiotic effects for out weight the individual med usage with my experience and some 20 yrs with MS and no MS med..Insurace sux nicely.LOL I thoight your presentation was outstanding.Thank you muchly and be well guys.

  7. So I can only use CBD here in the UK (THC is available in rare cases for MS but you have to have gone through multiple conventional medications first which is frustrating because the side effects aren't as severe for cannabis related products vs things like gabapentin or amitriptyline – but this is besides my point). I take CBD in a capsule form because I was under the impression that the same mechanism that makes smoking bad for relapses is present in vaping – that it's less to do with nicotine consumption but a protein which damaged lung cells produce that can cause increased rates of relapse. Have I been mislead here? or is this one of the things where the increase rate of relapse is outweighed by the quality of life benefit?

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