1. Respekt 😊👍🏻
    Immer wieder eine Freude, deine Videos!
    Your english skills are developing pretty good 🤓
    Allerdings nennt man die großen Gläser auf englisch jars und big glasses würde übersetzt große Brille bedeuten 😉

  2. The curly leaves might be due to a nitrogen toxicity , your plant was looking over green and the leaves straightened when they got into flowers . You should decrease /(or only use water)your nutrients whenever the leaves start to curl✌️

  3. Frisian Duck ist interessant aber finde sie zu schwach und schmeckt irgendwie nicht gut,aber für Zucht Projekt auf jeden Fall Interessant.

  4. I have baby weeds growing right now and there photo plants so there gunna get big this year I watched your vids and just thought weed plants grow that small then the first year I grew one plant in veg stage filled up my space and took up half the window just growing straight up and took all year to grow from spring to winter

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