Cannabis Vegetative Stage – How to grow marijuana course for dummies – Growing Cannabis Indoors 101

Learn to grow marijuana for dummies, a 10 lesson 101 course for dummies and beginners. In lesson 5, learn how to take care of …


  1. Question for all. I’m in about the 4th week of veg state for my cannabis plants. I was doing some low stress training and by accident one of the larger fan leaves snapped off. Is this problematic for my plant? Serious stress? And how long now do I wait to top the plant? 1-2 weeks?

  2. hello ! I just want to ask u a question : u said in the video we switch to the flowering stage , is this for feminized seeds only ? or for autoflower also we does same thing ?

  3. Just saying now this is all stuff you need if you had the money, i strictly had a grow straight water and is flourished! I was so proud of it. Now nutrients and stuff definitely help the plants to be the healthiest they can be but much love and care and positive words can go a long way with your grow if you don't have the money and supplies to do so. At least have a light bulb set up, and a pot to put your shiet in

  4. Beginer course is a lie this is the most complicated way to grow just put it in a pot with a fan and a light and water it every other day don’t listen to this lactating cat

  5. Extremely informational 🌿🌸😳🤘‼️💓💞🤗 thank you for the awesome awesome videos with great information ‼️💯🌿🌸😊 most definitely need all the great information we possibly can to grow great beautiful flowers 🌹💯🌿🎸😳🎸🎆‼️❤️ we're kicking it in The sticks 405 OKC just got legal yay lol😍💃☮️🌏❤️ I always need great information to grow big best cannabis I can Purdue's great luck to all you growers ‼️💯🌿🌿🌹👩‍🌾🤸👍😳😳😳💃☮️❤️

  6. Lighting question. What happens if lights were under the plant? What about the sides? Wouldn't this help the bending even more? What happens if there's a light underneath as well as above but switched back and forth each day?
    Just ideas…

  7. Nice videos! Exaclly what I was looking for. I was wondering if you could do a series on hydroponics from the beginners perceptive too, I was hoping to start off with hydroponics because it seems less of a mess and less upkeep

  8. the hand test for heat is nonsense
    check to bottom soil rather than the top soil to see if she needs watering.
    These are the basics that should be taught

  9. Isn't flowering after 3-5 weeks veg a little soon? Unless it's a clone because it's from mature plants. But if you flower a 3 week old seedling your harvest is going to be small and you could cause hermaphrodites. When I want to make female seeds that's how I do it flower at 3 weeks and interrupt the dark cycle.

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