1. Ben and Jeremy, I would think that anyone would want to know the solve that starts at the gallery, begins at WWWH and goes by HOB to get back to the gallery 8.25 miles between 5000 and 10200 ft and alot more ,have a great nite and better 2marrow

  2. Wow! You know I’ve let a lot of your BS slide, but I’m going to address this. You’re laughing at anyone that believes they have the correct solve because they don’t have the treasure chest. Well, I’m laughing at you because Jack doesn’t have a solve. And Jack doesn’t have the treasure chest. Jack has never had the treasure chest. There is no proof that Jack found a treasure chest. There is no proof that Jack owns the treasure chest. If you have any proof of either of these or you can locate any proof of either of these, I would love for you to present it to us. While you’re at it, perhaps you could discuss the content of emails between yourself and I about the ending and what went awry. Perhaps we could discuss why the Lead Searcher abandoned the mission a few months ago. Here’s a few facts for you. Anyone that truly believes Jack found Forrest Fenns treasure chest on his own accord, has less brain cells than I can count on one hand. Anyone that is still pushing the “Fake Finder Jack” narrative is either brainless or being paid to do so. Which are you?

  3. Jack Stuef is a fraud. A fake. He is a paid Participant much like some of you. He did not find Forrest Fenns treasure chest. If he did find a treasure chest, he was told where it was at. Allow me to inform you about every so-called comment and information from Jack. There isn’t any. There is literally no proof that Jack Steuf has ever commented on anything. He has never spoken a single word publicly. That is probably because it is written into his contract. He is a low-life scumbag for doing what he has done. Tell him to sue me. I would love to challenge his ass in court!

  4. It is good content. I am trying to detect whether the authorial aim of Cavalry Audio Fenn episodes is to progress from simple solution ideas to the more complex ones, and if the truly pure solution material codices will be coming, or if this is all going to trail off on some hasty determination for some place and to sell Jack again. We're watching…

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