1. Cannabis in general has helped my anxiety over the years so so so much. For years I took anxiety medication which helped… But nothing kills my anxiety attacks like a fresh bowl lol. It actually just calms me down amazingly.

  2. CBD serves its purpose and really is beneficial imo. I like to combine it with other derivatives as well. It also helps with my anxiety and sleep

  3. Hey yeah CBD isn't for everyone but I'm glad it helped with your anxiety, might need to try some for that as well. I bet full spectrum cbd flower is fire.

  4. Next video can have you first sesh with just bud. Then next sesh can you do bud with cbd and see if it makes a difference

  5. Yo have you ever tried THC-O I’ve heard it’s the most potent form of thc that’s out there could you maybe try it and upload a video on it?

  6. i think cbd works best when combined with thc. ive vaped a low dose of thc after using a high dose of cbd and it feels like im melting my nerves become so aware, sometimes the sensations are even overwhelming. I recommend a high dose tincture of quality cbd (medical if possible) to actually feel a strong effect.

    be careful with dosing too high it starts to resemble a drunk feeling and you pretty much just have to call your day over and sleep

  7. CBd edibles are somewhat effective, but the effect is not dramatic lol.It’s a sedative, Mary Jane Is like anything else, it’s better in its natural form, un processed, as it balances itself out like cbd counters the psychoactive effects of THC, one thing balances another.Edibles are the most healthy way to consume.

  8. CBD does work but it seems like the price of it is kinda rediculous. I need 100-150 MGs to get a real noticeable effect but it definitely does help if you have a headache or anxiety or just hyperactivity in general. It works for me but I don’t use it often cuz the price & I already use Kratom & Delta 8 so I don’t really need it

  9. great vid as always, keep trying to push daily vids even if it’s something small i know it’ll really help your algorithm but im glad ur producing fire content on both platforms

  10. CBD Moonrocks are fun to smoke. Almost like being stoned because you're completely relaxed. – Plain Jane has 'em that are pretty cheap –

  11. when ever i have a bruise or injury my cbd cream literally heals the area over nite, i see where you are coming from but certain cannabanoids work differently for everyone you know

  12. CBD isn’t a scam, it’s helped my anxiety greatly. Now CBD carts on the other hand, those don’t work for me. You need to take it daily for awhile for it to take effects, just like an SSRI.

  13. Personally cbd has the most beneficial effects when dosing for a month+. Everybody is different though. But it makes me happy to hear it helps with your anxiety! Have a good one brother

  14. You need that entourage effect when it comes to CBD products, full spectrum is the way to go imo. Isolates of JUST CBD don’t work the same as full spectrum products.

  15. I’ve heard a lot more people say this recently but I know a lot of people who consume and cultivate cbd and some ppl prefer it over thc just comes down to the person honestly

  16. I smoke everyday and I’ve noticed that CBD edibles have little to no effects for me. However, CBD flower is a very different story. It’s hard to explain, but the CBD flower “high” does provide a noticeable head-change.

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