FDA issues warning over Delta-8 THC products

The FDA has not individually evaluated Delta-8 THC products, but based on more than 2400 reports of bad reactions over the …


  1. I usually don’t bash stuff like this but I had a near death experience with delta 8. I was using it almost everyday for about 3 months when one night I took a hit of the delta 8 vape I usually toke on. All of a sudden my throat and chest swelled up, lymph nodes pulsing and heart palpitations like crazy. I literally thought I was going to drop dead. Turns out the doctor said I had become allergic to it. Crazy to think something like that could happen but just goes to show you the unexpected. Obviously this won’t happen to everyone. I’m just saying listen to your body and be smart about it

  2. If it is dangerous then those clowns from the FDA should push to legalize non dangerous cannibus, the bottom line is these are hypocritical egomaniacs who's lust for control over others is never satisfied. They claim to do everything for our own good, and that is the opposite of what they want. They want us to be broke, miserable, and depressed.

  3. I don't know who needs to hear this but this is not in any way shape or form like K2, but K2 is coming back in vape juices apparently, feel like you should be a little more concerned about that

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