How to Germinate a CBD Hemp Seed (Start Growing Cannabis from Seed)

Kristy Hébert, co-founder of Cypress Hemp, explains step-by-step how to germinate high quality CBD hemp and cannabis seeds, …


  1. I would love to see flower strain reviews on you tube to educate the public I know that would increase y’all sales and maybe lower prices when volume increase to allow the people who needs medicine would have access great company hope y’all keep growing in all ways 🦞

  2. I was looking to buy some seeds but most places sell by the hundreds, I'm just looking for about 10 seeds to do some test grows this year. And after that maybe hundreds so where can you get 10 seeds ?

  3. Will there be risk of highdr thc if I grow seed from cbd flower . I dont want to have thc become high in the plant only cbd and what are some way to ensure only cbd in plant.

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