1. I am 71 years of age, I have had back surgery! I was born with a congenital dislocated hip which was repaired in 1952 at Shriners Hospital in St Louis. No problems until the last couple years, I have devoted pain in it. Suffer from depression from divorce in 2000. After 25 years of marriage. On elavil, Xanax, Bupropion, ? I would like to see if marijuana would help! My Dr is against med marijuana. I have suffered thru pain because I can’t take prescribed ibuprofen, let alone opioids, which he won’t prescribe anyway! Don’t think he will release records. Another Dr done back surgery! Shriners was so long ago. I haven’t spoken to Dr about that pain in hip!

  2. 3 easy steps? Sounds like much too much trouble for something that may or may not work for you. My Ambien prescription, (which btw is a schedule 1 drug), was a simple matter of talking to my doctor and getting it. Unfortunately, Ambien is hard on my digestion, so I am looking for an alternative.

  3. MO is way strict with who “qualifies” as a medical marijuana patient. Seems like they would rather keep it illegal for recreational use. They love locking folks up for it still. No wonder the states population keeps dropping. Some places are just behind the times.

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