How to grow weed in DayZ (Step by Step) | 1.13

Bear Mountain – DAYZ Bear Mountain server list: 1. Bear Mountain PVE 1 – Chernarus 2. Bear Mountain PVE 2 – Chermarus 3.


  1. What does the disinfectant spray do? Is it required? Your video is LITERALLY the only one that used disinfectant pray lol so I'm not sure

  2. What i've found out on Bear mountain is that if you grow more than 2 times instead of getting 9 buds per tree you only get 7 and the plant material gives you like 4 per tree if you use it.

  3. I'm not sure if its the area I'm in, or the mod in use but I was having some inconsistencies yesterday when I was growing, did exactly as you did, but was only getting 50%of the plants to grow.. great tutorial though brotha, loving the server and admin support so far.

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