1. hahaha havent finished the vid but hes hooked for sure, dude said he now allows everyone to smoke and hes already got a fav strain hahahah. But I feel like sativa/indica is a bit placebo i mean they do slightly feel different, but for the most part it feels the same. As a grower I've definitely indulged in a lot of different strains, and I promise you both will get tired lol. Maybe sativa gets you less couch locked, but ive never hit a sativa and was like "shit I can't sleep". Unless you bring in cbd that def doesnt feel like anything other than slightly less stress on muscles, but major pains it won't help even though people try and say it does. Also with the work thing you shouldn't smoke if you want to work if you're not used to it, but after years of smoking, its more just getting your head straight than it is getting high, unless you're ripping down multiple bowls or doing huge dabs. Also I feel like theres a bit of marijuana propaganda, saying that marijuana is the cure for everything, just find the right strain. Just the billion dollar plus companies trying to peddle this shit. the marijuana strain really doesn't matter because the same strain can be a lot different, depending on how the plant was grown. Dunno, those are my thoughts as someone whos been smoking for a decade and growing for half a decade, also know a lot of fucking growers that grow for huge companies (one of which won 3rd place with his concentrate at the cannibus cup a few years ago), in michigan where some of the best weed in the US is grown. also I feel you're a little closed minded if you have all these weird isosteric rules you have to abide to not be a "pothead". People balance their responsibilities in different ways, if you can smoke a half ounce a day and still fulfil your daily duties and pay your bills who gives a fuck. I got home from the bar not too long ago so forgive me for the typos and shit.

  2. What were the effects on your mental processing speed with regards to multitasking during that month and after quitting? did you go back to normal?

    Multitasking as in the multiple thoughts surfacing one’s brain while effortlessly doing other things in the background, where NO THINGS are automated/muscle-memory.

    I’m asking because multitasking, or how most people think about it: concentrating on 2+ more things at once, is somewhat of an illusion caused by switching between 2+ stimuli at the same time. Given that marijuana causes psychomotor(mental processing speed) impairment, it should’ve slowed you down in theory. You can assess psychomotor speed with saccadic eye movement speed, or how fast your eyes move. Many people report having their eyes feel heavy when using Central Nervous System depressants, which just means slower saccadic eye movement velocity which indicates slower psychomotor speed.
    Marijuana is a CNS depressant.

    You can more specifically assess multitasking/psychomotor speed, besides from analyzing saccadic eye movement, by visualizing while reading in real time. If you can see the visual model while picking up words AT THE SAME TIME without having to say things “I can do it, but slowly and carefully… but I can still do it!” Which indicate that some ability is somewhat lost, because true multitasking is effortlessly smooth, you have good multitasking. This is of course, If you can visualize.

  3. This is what people are getting wrong I’m 16 and before I started smoking weed jus about everyday for a year straight I was a healthy varsity baseball player social and very enjoyable to be around. What I don’t think that people understand is don’t just smoke fucking weed for fun everyday jus to be cool bc it has impaired my speech and fucked up my “life”. People don’t understand how to properly smoke weed, and how to keep your immune system active to keep on smoking. Basically if u want to keep smoking and smoking you have to be in shape and make sure you are actually feeling benefits from what you are doing because I can’t even talk barley anymore and has caused a lot of new mental health problems that I never once had before. All to say weed is great but u gotta understand how to use it

  4. Wow… I have p.t.s.d… and anxiety I had a bad accident when I was 14 but here people with no got darn disability or tramatic situations and gets a medical marjanna with no questions or medical diagnosis .. that's really fucked I

  5. There is absolutely no way i could function no matter what weed it is. I am completely out of it. Smoke a little and go to sleep, that's what I use it for. If i watch something on tv i have no idea what's going on.

  6. As a marijuana smoker myself it works two different ways for me if I smoke it at night I get tired and I want to sleep if I smoke it in the morning I wake up I have it every morning with my coffee you know what I mean officers

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