I-Team: CEO wins medical marijuana license then gives $50k to Governor Kemp's Leadership Committee

by Dale Russell Aired 3/9/2022 Now, more on our ongoing I-Team investigation of the Georgia medical marijuana licensing …


  1. Bring medical marijuana to the state of Georgia. It can help thousands of people with their disabilities. As an ex Florida resident is pretty sad that you still have to travel to Florida just to get your medical marijuana. Being over the border line is great but just getting caught it’s not gonna be good

  2. Limiting the number of Licenses inherently results in Behavior like this from Businesses trying to get in on Artificially Restricted Markets.

  3. This is so ridiculous it's an insult to everyone's intelligence for them to be making these claims when it's so obvious what happened here and do you think anybody will have any consequences absolutely not things need to change in our government

  4. Cannaitcut heh Heh. CT. Is on a sinister carousel also, possibly a pay to play game. Up here we have big growers who manufacture, growing ? Another joke moldy products naw. Cottage industry types higher quality, clean primo. They also stopped gifting. $$$$$$ Karen's, a small group of polytricksters, sausage fingers whatever. They still play their games and so do we. Plant on ! And I'm 64 ba da bing.

  5. Republicans are not only thieves but GREEDY THIEVES 🙄. "Unlimited sums" was the work of a Republican administration. Now let's look at the other companies that were approved AS WELL. FAIR IS FAIR. WELL????


  6. The government wants full control of anything that's able to generate Mass amounts of money and they want to keep it in their inner circle not let the average Joe have a slice.

  7. Sounds like bribery and the typical big pharma kick backs this is no different to the opioid pandemic. Worse part is its run by a bunch of big pharma advocates whom were all equally involved in the equal actions by state government political officials to poison and continuously drug American citizens. Bif5pharma is the problem with the industry. And all the major players living high off the hog again. Billions made off the opioid pandemic now trillions going to be made by the same criminals involved in the genocide of humans through the corona virus another big pharma scam like all the rest. This time look at all the big wig politicians and cops getting rich same problem as before just wearing a different suit.

  8. If that ain't bribing I don't know what that is. I bet when judge makes the millions off cannabis he gonna make 100ks donations to the committee

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