Lets Dive into Marvon McCray & What does #Justice4Von Mean? #DreMcray #kratom #JusticeforVon

Links to the videos played by Crime Watch can be found here …


  1. the thing is we can only go by what wacb says and Dre said. Until he wakes up noone will know his true relationship w his mom. How many kids are raised by the grandparents and the mother lives there too? This is how the melanated community works.

  2. She wanted them to give him Ativan, they refused. Looks like she was doctor shopping for meds. When the doctors don't give the drugs she wants, she goes to Mexico to smuggle them. Both Ativan and Xanax are in the benzo family. Both can elicit seizures, especially when you are coming off of them. It appears like the modus operandi is-elicit a seizure, document it, and try to get more benzo meds. There are layers of dysfunction as well as multiple addictions going on here.

  3. So sad for Von. 😭🙏
    I read up on that herb. Bad news. Could it have driven Dre nuts? So glad Von's mother could see him finally. 🙏❤ praying for Von.

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