Let’s watch “Decriminalizing Cannabis at the Federal Level: Necessary Steps to Address Past HarmsSUBCOMMITTEE HEARING” …


  1. People. Leave your weed and hemp at home when going abroad. YOU are not a celebrity or sports player, the US government WILL NOT come for you. Don't be stupid, be safe.

  2. LEGALIZE CANNABIS 2022!!! How does a horrible drug like alcohol get a pass? Alcohol kills thousands of people every year destroys families. Marijuana deaths zero, no one has ever overdosed on Marijuana. I believe God makes no mistakes and if he made a medicinal plant like Marijuana it must be for a reason. This is America, land of the free and if one wishes to smoke a little cannabis it should be their choice not the governments. Makes me sad that many politicians smoke marijuana but many people in society can get fired for having marijuana in their system on a drug test. Its Time for Change.

  3. 19:40 When I was in high school, no bar, liquor store, convenience store, etc. would sell me or any of my friends any alcohol. I guess they didn't want to risk their liquor license. It was difficult, if not impossible, to get an adult to buy alcohol for us. I guess they didn't want to risk jailtime and/or provide alcohol to a minor. However, the people selling weed in the sketchy part of town never carded us once. Not one single time. It doesn't happen. It was exponentially easier as a minor to find a bag of weed than it was to find someone to buy alcohol. Also worth mentioning, that I've never had someone try to sell me other illicit substances whilst buying alcohol. If they're so concerned about weed being a "gateway drug" than why are they forcing millions of Americans to score weed from sketchy people that don't card, don't have quality control, and often push other drugs on young people? If it's a gateway drug, keeping it illegal is keeping the gate open.

  4. Sad thing is, there are plenty of places still here in America that are just as bad as Russia when it comes to concentrates. It’s crazy how happy everyone is about being bent over the fence big the corrupt politicians and now big cannabis profiting from regulating our freedoms. I shouldn’t have to tell one person that I’m going to grow 1000 plants in my garden.

  5. 28:00

    Synopsis As Introduced
    Amends the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. Provides that an Illinois resident 21 years of age or older (rather than a person who is a registered qualifying patient under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act) may cultivate cannabis plants, with a limit of 5 plants that are more than 5 inches tall, per household without a cultivation center or craft grower license. Provides that an Illinois resident 21 years of age or older (rather than adult registered qualifying patients) may purchase cannabis seeds from a dispensary for the purpose of home cultivation. Provides that an Illinois resident 21 years of age or older (rather than a registered qualifying patient) who cultivates more than the allowable number of cannabis plants, or who sells or gives away cannabis plants, cannabis, or cannabis-infused products produced under this provision, is liable for penalties as provided by law, including the Cannabis Control Act (deletes in addition to loss of home cultivation privileges as established by rule). Deletes provision that cannabis plants may only be tended by registered qualifying patients who reside at the residence, or their authorized agent attending to the residence for brief periods, such as when the qualifying patient is temporarily away from the residence.

  6. Mr.Cotton appears to be a person I would not want around Children. I hoped that these people would die out eventually, but Alcohol seems to make these people breed. Why does our government have to Save the Children. Why cant parents be responsible for their own kids?Why not ask me, a person dealing with Cancer and M.S. for 20 years like I have had to. A person that had his kids taken away like I had mine taken away..A Disabled person dragged out of his home in a Blizzard and made to stand in bare feet for 45 min. with his disabled roommate, and hauled off to jail for growing his medicine in a LEGAL State like happened to me. The insanity of this has gone on long enough.

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