1. Oh I believe in a conspiracy about food. Look at all the fake meats out now, chicken, beef, pork. Control the food chain and control the population. Peace

  2. i used to love going to work after smoking just the right amount and usually a breaky feed after. trade mechanic with a maintained 94% productivity.

  3. Just vacation! It’s all about finding at least one thing to get lost into that fully relaxes and revitalizes you! Whatever vacation looks like to you!

    Also, did you get a meow wolf token to turn in?!

  4. As a follow up, I first enjoyed my first out door smoke in the 2019 pride parade at a restaurant in ST. Pete FL. Additionally my wife and I enjoy the fine herb after dinner on a night out, or at the clubs. I smoke while my friends drink. 🙂

  5. Scotty I live in Clearwater FL. It's been ok to smoke out in public for 4 yrs now. Ever since the farm bill passed and the big CBD crazzzz started the governor Told the police force not to STOP or ARREST anyone smoking in public. Since they could not tell the difference between CBD and THC flower. Now today…. Years later the Festival your talking about was most likely put on by one or all of the big MED Dispensaries we have here. They sponsor huge seminars every couple of months, that are really festivals / tradeshows that winds up becoming a huge smoke out. It's all legal because its medical. You need to have a med card or be a caregiver to the licensee and you can attend. 🙂 In the many years my wife and I have lived in FL we have yet to meet anyone without a med card. 🙂 And the "Festivals" are wicked cool and chilllll….. Hope to see you guys at the DGC Cup. Your trans grower friend Anne

  6. Less money for retailers. It's the same as growing your own tomatoes instead of ones from the store. I trust my own then something someone's trying to make margins on

  7. The Pod talk reminds me of Bender and Fry’s apartment from Futurama, where Fry didn’t know for the longest time there was a whole apartment not just the closet bender stood in

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