NYPD, FDNY ordered to end random marijuana drug testing for employees

The NYPD is reviewing its marijuana testing policies after being ordered by the city to stop randomly testing employees for the …


  1. How sweet everything goes,,,,they been getting high,and protected .. look more protection, plus in a racist union!!!!! It's cameras everywhere now,police job even easier than before.

  2. In NYC, it's a race to the bottom. I have nothing against Marijuana but it appears NY only creates laws and rules to wreck ourselves with. I pray you working folk can get jobs elsewhere and leave this Communist dump..

  3. Heads UP New Yorkers!! These idiots are allowing use of marijuana for first responders. Next they’ll go after cop’s guns and firefighters that will smoke will have delayed response times to emergencies. Get the weed out of their hands. Their work is hard enough.

  4. It's okay for fire department and NYPD to smoke marijuana probably while on the job on duty probably Fire Department get into a fire they might burn they sells or hurt others and ypd might be impaired and Mike shoots the wrong person or hurt the wrong person because they impair and they high but yet. They want Law Abiding Citizen to have self defense carry permit you have to have a whole bunch of stuff in order for them to give you a permit for I'm not sure why you got to have character you got to have a whole bunch of letters you got to have for no reason but yeah it's so easy for NYPD to smoke pot and FDNY with no problem they don't need any letters they don't need anything. The double standard here and New York City and the corruption is skyrocketing how they treat people here these politicians these Democrat Mayors and governors they need to go people need to stop voting for these fucking guys they don't not care about no one. Making things even worse instead of making them better and nice and smooth making them worse for everyone.

  5. For those of you wondering..this isn’t because they “care” about the workers. It’s simply because they can’t afford to lose any workers at this point. So many cops are quitting and recruitment numbers are at record lows. They’re lowering standards and cant afford to lose more due to failing a drug test.

    I worked in a juvie where you “couldn’t smoke weed” but so many people quit and their so low staffed, that they never tested us and many of the employees would use drugs.

    Its not a good thing. That means they’re hiring less qualified individuals because they’re so desperate. Which means more corruption. More asshole cops. More cops that are idiots. And less cops being held accountable. AND less cops that can actually do their jobs. Haven’t you noticed how so many NYPD officers are females that look like they can’t even take down a suspect. Is that who you want to save you when a suspect is beating you to death

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