ODG’s Outdoor 2022 LST Low Stress Training Outdoor Cannabis Plants…Growing Ganja with Big Results

M.C. is pretty happy with how things are shaping up in his Ganja Garden at the Love Shack in ODG’s Outdoor 2022. He’s got a …


  1. Beautiful plants. So healthy and perky. Love your LST method. Can't wait to see these progress. The potassium silicate is great. It can be used as ph up also in hydro. Not sure if it is available on Canada but Agsil 16 is a dry powder potassium silicate they sell here in the US and it works great. Much cheaper than the liquid stuff. From reading you want to target about 100ppm

  2. I respect the way you hit the 4:20 mark on the video times pretty routinely 👏 looking good out there man, I love the green ties, they last a long time, the doggo is awesome too! Cheers ✌️

  3. I love using silica in my system. I just constantly fight the PH issues it causes in RDWC. The plant rapidly consumes it causing the PH to drop and you have to choose to either replace with potassium bicarbonate or potassium silicate. Bearing in mind it vastly impacts C++ ability to move P and K.

    And thus we do another dance with nutrient balance.

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