1. Well, after the last several half-hearted attempts to legalize marijuana in NM they blamed the few token republican leaders in NM. They are running out of people to blame.

  2. Its time to decriminalize cannabis!
    We been fighting for cannabis rights for years!
    I personally have been an activist since 1997 here in New Mexico. I've been a huge cannabis advocate and educator since 1995.
    I started to experiment with smoking it in high school around 1992.
    Prior to that I was completely against it as I was entirely brainwashed by the "Just Say No" campaign of the 80's.
    Society taught me that alcohol was ok but not cannabis. As soon as I learned cannabis was actually not deadly or as harmful as I was told, I then experimented with so many other substances that I was told were equally as dangerous as cannabis. I learned the hard way that I was lied to about cannabis and its no where near as dangerous or deadly as all the rest.
    I, and so many others, were lied to about the facts of cannabis and all its beneficial properties, especially as a medicine!
    We need to decriminalize cannabis and treat it just as any other herb or medicinal plant that we grow in our own gardens.
    Legalizing cannabis continues to allow the government to regulate and control it.
    We need to decriminalize cannabis now!

  3. Hurry up heading 2 the house floor it should be already out the dispensary door Year's wasting time when could have been making money get with it or be voted out

  4. Heading to the house floor crumbled up and throw into the trash while saying kobe 😂 after they make there decision they will let a killer out before they legalize mary out here my fellow New Mexicans,for all we know they could give us boot leg and tax our brown ass's too.

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