Stranger Things Ruined Doja Cat AND D&D – APWSTR #128

Josh and Sarah talk about Doja Cat and Lea Michele before reading Reddit and Listener Stories about leaving a patient at a pool, …


  1. Not that it's the point of the show or anything, but I think Argyle is so much cooler than Eddie – if we're talking newly introduced characters – and I find him more attractive honestly. I love Eduardo Franco

  2. While they were talking about leaving that girl out in the heat I was just thinking how awful that would be after any medical thing not just surgery- like when I get blood drawn I usually pass out and I barely want to go to Walgreens after, let alone a pool lmfao
    But a surgery is so much worse

  3. Caveat: I am a lesbian, so for me it's not sexual attraction. What I really found so endearing about Eddie was his "badass" "scary" "freak" persona layered over this dude with SUCH a good heart and those dimples! He was the antithesis of the basketball captain who wrapped himself in "goodness" over a nasty, evil, inside. Eddie, of anyone in the show, is also the most honest, forthright, and open character–even with his "enemy", Chrissy, there's no persona, no need to get to know him–he's straight up immediately. Same with Dustin when he tells them what happened. And for such a soft little marshmallow guy, who was clearly so terrified, but also clearly felt such guilt over Chrissy, that last thing….it was heartbreaking. And tbh I love that they highlighted more non-romantic love this season, especially the sibling and sibling-type relationships. It made it so much more meaningful imo.

  4. To add to the Lea part. Lea is not Jewish (her dad is but she was raised catholic) and has never claimed her Jewish heritage until she wants to get roles (such as Rachel Berry and Funny Girl). The fact a non Jewish woman has been cast for a Jewish role is in itself a problem

  5. So Eddie's jacket is called a battle vest/jacket, the one he wears in a vest with a leather jacket underneath. It's very common in the metal/rock community. It tells others what shows you've been, the bands you love, and in general supporting your favorite band. And yes I did love Eddie because others saw him as the loser and so he saw himself how others saw him until he said enough.

  6. 2:08:18 Noah Schnapp actually confirmed that will is gay and in love with mike (source: look up noah schnapp says will is gay). According to Noah its been a thing since season 1 and they've just gradually put it in. (not arguing or anything just informing)

  7. I once had a student obsessed with the onceler, and I thought it was kind of weird and mildly disturbing. However, now that I know that this is a phenomenon, I don't know how to feel anymore but it's not better.

  8. I never had a good feeling about doha cat. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt because clearly she's talented and passionate about her work, but the things she says and how she onducts herself doesn't really communicate that she cares much about others lrt alone her fans. Not that she owes anyone anything, or any certain type of behavior, but the racist stuff never got talked about and also her fatphobia??? She has a tweet from 2016 talking about fat people, something along the lines of "you fucked up, fix it"

    I just think she's very willing to just down talk on any particular group, especially if she feels attacked by them.

  9. Just so you are aware, Naya Rivera was not murdered. She drown while she was out boating with her young son. She save him by lifting him into the boat but then could not make it back into the boat herself.

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