1. Anything that makes you high should be illegal and I'm against facilitating access to more of that kind of substances to people for "recreational use", we have enough of those legal drugs, people die from alcohol in more ways than just killing their livers and tobacco has a large list of victims too, also drug addicts can kill just to be able to get more drugs, a society inmersed in vices is no good for anyone.

  2. Pure BS. Hemp /marijuana was made illegal when William Randolf Hearst had just invested in paper mills to supply his newspaper empire. At the time paper industry was moving toward hemp for paper production because it was a cheaper and better quality alternative, Hearst bought himself a couple senators and began a propaganda campaign to outlaw the plant. Good old corporate/government corruption made the plant illegal.

  3. I'm 34 but when I was in my teens I was always told that there was a rumor white people didn't like marijuana because if a white women smoked it they would find men of color attractive and basically steal their women. I didn't know if that were true or not but it didn't seem highly unlikely being that back then white men were mentally sensitive towards colored.

  4. Marijuana is really unhealthy. I felt pain in my lungs and couldn't breathe properly for the next 2 weeks after smoking weed for the first time. I Don't know how can anyone get addicted to that. It sucks. Just the fact that you lose 70% of your consciousness is enough for anyone to never do it again. You don't know what you do, you are tired and unable to do anything properly, and if there was some dangerous situation you would probably not be able to save yourself. I read a study done in New Zealand that said that one joint equals 20 cigarettes. Just think about that. Make this thing illegal again. It sucks.

  5. 2 uncle's one is an alcoholic and other a pothead … alcoholic gets aggressive and violent with us and decided to make another beer run one day and crashed my mom's car now we are carless …pothead chills with us cooks for us and tells us funny stories and plays Xbox with us rather than drive he orders us take out .. alcohol is way worse than cannabis need i say more

  6. So stupid. I never used marijuana and i also am not planning to do. Just think with me. This is a plant, just a plant. And this plant is illegal. So you can have all kind of flowers and plants and trees, but this plant…nope. And why? Because it can make you relax a bit and maybe i love the beauty of this plant, so not for pleasue 🙂
    What the government better can do, make this legal and ask taxes.
    And a paracetamol or xxx-pams you can buy it in de supermarket, even glue and sniff all around…but something from nature, a plant, is a big nono.
    So Weird

  7. Everything made illegal has never been against the law . Legal or illegal wars are not lawfull . Legal society is run by nazis . Nazis use any excuse possible or created to criminalise people not legal and legitimate . I’m born in lawfull lands. Now occupied by legal terrorist

  8. This government crooked as mexico man at least mexico don't hide what they are.. Yea they legalizing marijana in most states now but on a drug test if you come out dirty for thc? You get fired 😳

  9. No mention of the corporate lobbyists who donated $$$ to politicians to make marijuana illegal. The paper industry and the petroleum oil companies. Paper made from hemp jeopardized extra profits from the logging industry. Hemp oil could be used to make fuel for automobiles and composite plastics made from hemp oil and fibers. Henry Ford made a prototype vehicle out of hemp composite plastic stronger and more lightweight than fiberglass, and the engine ran on hemp fuel, but this technology was never further developed due to the ban on hemp.
    All the negative propaganda and lies were created to benefit the corporations. Would have cost money to further research and develop and implement new manufacturing. And the corporations liked the way things were and didn't want to change.
    We need to do something about the government's relationship to corporate lobbyists.

  10. imagine dumping billions of tax payers money on a "war" you can only loose, throwing people in prison for being a consumer, then legalizing weed to make the money that you wasted back by literally selling weed to those same users you have demonized. It's the biggest and most expensive emberassement of the US

  11. Weed is not a gateway drug nor is it harmful to its users, if some1 can give me 1 crime committed while on marijuana then you may change my mind on this topic.

    Other then that people should really start thinking for yourselves I mean we are all taught non sense in the school system. As a adult you should be able to make your own mind up about the world, stop letting rich white men control you.

  12. Same reason Nikolai Tesla died penniless and Thomas Edison did not. Nikolai wanted to provide electric for free, Ole J. P. Morgan said we gotta make folks pay

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