The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations fo

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  2. Yet another lame attempt to link cannabis with mental illness, which has been tyried for decades and failed utterly. There is no science here, simply analuysis of 'studies' which also had no science but are mostly cobbled together misinformation by psychiatrists.

    Recreational cannabis use has exploded over the last 100 years, BUT schixzophrenia numbers have remained totally static as they have for centuries. This shows conclusively that it is genetic and no one who doesn't ingerit the gene will catch or develop it.

    Now the anti-cannabis industry has had to accept the considerable health benefits of cannabis, they are on the back foot and desperately trying to keep a hold on misinformation; separating THC and CBD into bad and good cannabinoids. In reality the whole plant with all it 100 plus cannabinoids plus terpened and flavanoids is the medicine, and plant breeders and growers have per4fected cultivars with different characteristics, treatments for a range of medical conditions and recreational situations.

    Having spent so many decades lying about cannabis, there are some who can't accept and admit they were wrong. They will drop by the wayside as cannabis is adopted worldwide as the benefit to humanity it is. It's unstoppable.

  3. This from the end of Chapter 12:

    A conclusion weighted as substantial was reached for the research question addressing

    the statistical association between cannabis use and the development of schizophrenia or other

    psychoses. As noted in the chapter’s Discussion of Findings sections, there are common trends in

    the types of study limitations found in this evidence base. The most common are limitations in

    the study design (e.g., a lack of appropriate control groups, a lack of long-term follow-ups),

    variable analysis of cannabis use (i.e., dose/amount/frequency current versus. lifetime), small

    sample sizes, and research gaps in the studies of depression and PTSD. These limitations

    highlight the enormous amount of available opportunity to advance the current research agenda,

    in the hopes of providing comprehensive and conclusive conclusions on the potential therapeutic

    benefits and harms of cannabis or cannabinoid use.

    Is this even a real study? It's limitations include the most basic of what scholarly research studies are supposed to have.

  4. Notes: (Report made based on 10,000 abstracts. )

    Therapeutics 12:45 – chemotherapy nausea and vomiting, oral. Chronic pain – relief. MS, oral help short term. all adults. All modest. Others inadequate info.

    Respiratory Disease 13:30 – Bronchitis longterm (substantial), moderate smoking evidence – airway dynamic improvement with acute use (not chronic use), Higher forced vital capacity, cessation and improved respiratory symptoms.

    Injury and Death 15:00 – Prior to driving increased motor vehicle accident risk, legal states – increased unintentional overdoses in children, all-cause morality and occupational injury (unclear)

    Cancer –16:45 insufficient evident to tie with cancer. 17:15 single studies do show mom to child cancer but insufficient evidence.

    Cardiometabolic Risk – Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes – unclear

    Immunity – limited evidence that smoke is anti-inflammatory (18:40). Very little and insufficient data on immunity and HIV.

    Prenatal – 18:50 Low birth weight. Childhood outcome, unclear

    Psychosocial – Within 24 hrs of evaluation impaired cognitive domains (learning, memory, attention). Impairment in cognitive domains for individual that stopped (limited studies). Adolescent use impairs academic achievement, education, employment income, social relationships and social roles.

    Mental Health 20:15 – Substantial evidence of use (frequent users) associated to schizophrenia and psychoses, schizophrenia and psychoses learn and memorize better with it, doesn’t appear to increase likelihood of PTSD, anxiety and depression, For bipolar disorder daily use is linked to greater symptoms, heavy user more likely to report suicide thoughts, regular use increase risk for social anxiety disorder.

    Use – greater frequency or younger age increased likely use problem (addiction?).

    Use and other substances – limited evidence of tobacco initiation, and other substances rates and use patterns. Moderate evidence of substance dependence and/or substance abuse disorder (alcohol, tobacco, drugs)

    Barriers – Schedule 1 substance, $, control

    Adolescence should not use it recreationally, it leads to cannabis use disorder 54:40

  5. Wow, so driving a car while on Cannabis increases chances to die in a car accident! Therefore Cannabis is a danger to your health!!!

    Morons with degrees!

  6. here are the predicitons – predicted that up to 50% of legally approved and prescribed medications are made to target G protein-coupled receptors in man and woman… those protein receptors are part of our 7 trans membrane receptor super family of receptors, the largest group of cell receptors in our bodies that maintains signalling in the cells…
    phytocannabinoids in cannabis are active in our G proteins as well and compete with @ least 50% of approved medications at this time…
    in mainstream cannabinoids are known as pro resolving mediators… the stick in the Butt of the researchers will not allow them to call them cannabinoids ( oh no Cannabis compounds !!! oh the thought !! )

  7. All this information and research has shown that cannabis is less harmful than a lot of the drugs that we have nowadays look at alcohol, tobacco, etc this is very hypocritical I would even go as far as to say that cannabis is beneficial for someones health all a bunch of bs I heard here and I listened to the whole thing lol

  8. Thank YOU. As a LCSW and women in recovery from marijuana addiction for over 32 years. I am writing a book about cannabis addiction among women with first hand stories by women in recovery from cannabis addiction.

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