These New Odyssey BMX Tires Are LIGHT!!

Odyssey Super Circuit Tire first look and overview! – Designed for pro-level racing and park/transition – Lightweight K-Lyte with …


  1. I remember running a GLH 2.1 in the back and Ruben/Faf 2.25 in the front, it used to be my go to kind of setup. Now I’m riding 2 Fafs 2.25, those tyres last forever!

  2. I really like the relic flat out 2.4 front and the 2.1 rears. I ran Tioga comp 3s for years back when. 1.75 rear 2.125 front Back when trails were loose and I also ran primo v.monsters for park and street. This was 98-03 era

  3. Weighs the tyres in ye olde English so nobody born after 1875 has no idea if that’s heavy or not other than that’s clearly a maxxis tyre so I can assume it’s a reskinned grifter with odyssey tread pattern.

  4. This video literally couldn't have come at a better time! Literally just ordered a 2.10" for my back wheel to pair with my 2.35" Aitken Knobby! REALLY hoping Odyssey make a K-Lyte Plus Knobby, fits the whole idea behind the K-Lyte Plus being a more Trailsy Tyre!
    As for Tyre Combos? Dirt Monster/V-Monster, GLH/ASM, Aitken Knobby/Path, Dirt Path, Aitken Streets too! Mainline/Trackmark & of course Ruben's!!

  5. I’m running the Cult fast and loose tire in 2.4 super light and still decently durable, a little less traction but it suits me. I run it front and back.

  6. I like the Aitken Knobby Tire front and rear. Basically the same as the regular Aitken but with a more aggressive tread profile. I wish someone made a classic Tioga Comp III in a wider 2.35 or 2.4 size.

  7. When talking about back in the day tires I was always a fan of the Primo v-monster tires and rode that on the front with I believe maxxis made them, it was called the ringworm. Now a days I am loving the Fit FAF'S in the 2.25 size so the tread is a little deeper! 👍

  8. im running demo momentum 2.35s front and rear, i and a lot of other people love them since they're one of the lightest traditional bead tyres you can get

  9. Back in the day I use to run v monster on the back and dirt monster on the front now I run BSD donnasqweek tyres in 2.25 back and front now 👍🚲💨

  10. Good stuff, Brant.
    I really appreciate your reviews and unboxing videos.
    I'm able to ride again after a few months off (tendon injury @ 45).
    Looking forward to getting inspired again via your content!

  11. If we are discussing classic tires/tire combos, the true OG combo was the primo wall rear and the primo dirt monster front. This was probably a little before your time, but if you know, you know!

  12. Im running sunday street sweepers…heavier than a big box of rocks, but real tough sidewalls for the street ledge grinds.
    I really want something lighter but dont want anything thats gona tear easy. Demolition momentums maybe??? Im interested in what the sidewalls on these odyssey's are like, the tpi seems pretty good tho.

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