They're SO good… but also bad?? – Grado Hemp REVIEW

In this video I review the grado hemp headphones. Grado Hemp (amazon affiliate): The pads (amazon …


  1. Just bought the hemps and they really do sound great. I currently own mass drop he4xx and grado Rs1 and I think the hemps has them both beat- love the sound of these guys

  2. Hey, I just discovered this channel. Got the Hemps about a year ago but… I didn't buy them. No, I didn't steal them from a friend either. Headphone Guru had a contest and lucky me, I was the winner. The Guru liked them too, so much that I detected some angst on his part when it came time for him to part with them.

    I agree with this review. The pads limit how long they're comfortable and the cable sucks. So I very much appreciate your steering us to where we can go to correct them and especially, your confirmation that it's a significant upgrade. I listen to the Hemps through a variety of gear. A Little dot Mklll tube headphone amp and/or my LG ThinQ G7 Cell Phone and/or my FiiO X5 DAP with the FiiO E12A Mont Blanc IEM Special Edition Portable Headphone Amp, Titanium. Yes I have too much gear and yes I am a speaker guy who places music ahead of accuracy. Both of course are ideal but as Satchmo used to say, "if it ain't got that swing, it don't mean a thing."

  3. Looks interesting, but Grado needs to get their shit together with those design choices. I can see this build on something $50 or less, but for any more than that? No. A super permanent thick cable that weighs as much as the headphone? No. Shitty bits of foam as pads? No. An assembly that is prone to falling apart? No.

  4. I sold Grado for so many years. The look is so steam punk. It is just outright cool! Comfort is total garbage. You need to mod it for sure. If you don't, don't buy these. Also you have to put up with the Marconi radio look. An amazing sounding headphone with personality. They thoroughly piss you off on why it is built so poorly? But put in the right place, they are magic. You should hate these. Really! But how and why did I sell so many of these things. Personality and character. Grado is because you love the journey of the music. I agree with Doug here. You love the speaker. But ultimately, there is definitely easier to live with, and these are for your emotions, not your rationale. Emotionally a 500% recommendation. Rationale recommendation, you're joking right? You buy Grados because you love what they do and put up with their foibles. It is it! Me? I can't get a set of these as that part of my ship had sailed, but boy oh boy Joe Grado Labs made gold, no platinum from a turd build. Now that is science that works like magic. Never change Grado. For the love of the music. Love Grado always.

  5. All the crap over the build quality of Grados, it’s not build quality that’s at issue it’s aesthetics.
    I’ve had my SR80’s since the late 1990’s and no part of them has failed, bar the ear cushions.
    22 years of use, not a single problem. No cable failure, no headband problem.
    Yes the styling isn’t to everyone’s liking, but I’d rather they spent on sound than a flashy box and trick headband.
    Now I use the SR325x, and I’m with you on the ear cushions, they suck.
    It would also be great have them on balanced wiring, or least have the option.
    Good review, you gave praise where it was most due, the sound.

  6. So, it might be a little bit of a gamble, but claims to have authentic Grado Hemp drivers for ~$70. I've had good luck ordering from them before, and one could also order the metal cup and headband kit from them for $50. Including shipping, it would be about $150 for something that might be pretty close to the authentic Hemp sound.

  7. I have these and am blown away both by how fun they are to listen to and how atrociously horrible the attached stock cable is (it weights as much as the cans). I was able to mod them to have a detachable cable with this mod: and now I reach for them first almost every day! They are a blast to listen to, and with the cable mod and pad swap they are comfortable and easy to use as well. Silvian at Beautiful Audio communicated well about the mod, and helped me get just the right parts; I'm thrilled with the result, and it only took an afternoon to accomplish.

  8. I was very skeptical about getting new cushions but I bought them anyway to prove a point and I don't get it. You lose everything that makes the hemp great. They just start sounding like generic boring headphones. The stock cushions makes that special closed in sound that still manages tk travel all around you while it plays

  9. Got my Hemps back at the end of April and there is only one way I can describe the way they sound, fun. Though I do prefer the sound of the stock pads vs the G cush but man are the G cush comfy in comparison. Currently use these far more often than the rest of my headphones.

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