Top 7 Herbs Clinical Naturopath and Herbalist Uses For Pain

Join Doc Jones in a mini lecture about the top 7 herbs to use for pain and treating pain naturally. Hit the Easy Button, buy a …


  1. Why is it that you can put something on like arnica as a lineament with rubbing alcohol on your skin and it鈥檚 perfectly safe, but you take it internally and it鈥檚 bad? Just a reoccurring question I have that reminded me when you mentioned the white sage internally. I鈥檓 in the school too BTW and am really enjoying it! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Hi Doc, I bought some burdock and dandelion leaf and root powders from you. Do you know whether cooking these will affect the medicinal and/or nutritional properties of them? I am thinking specifically of incorporating them into my bone broth that I cook for several hours in the pressure cooker.

  3. Great video Doc . The volume is a little low for us hearing impaired maybe you could scoot a little closer to the mic next time unless there鈥檚 some herb I can put in my ear and improve my hearing 馃榾

  4. I had a cronic dizziness for years, after an MVA. The Drs. did not know what's is going on, they gave me a bunch of pills (lot of side effects馃槱) than I herd about of garden Sage I tried it taking in Tea form & Thanks be to God 6 months ater my dizziness was 100% gone, also my cronic migrane head ache is a lot better
    馃檹馃徎馃挋馃檹馃徎 I just write this let you know Doctor馃挋

  5. Thank you Doctor for the very useful informations馃挋 we have this snow-ball bush in our yard but never seen any berries on it, do you think it is the same jerb??the leaves & flowers exactly the same,but no berries馃馃尶

  6. Thankyou Doc Jones, your video has made my evening, your way of teaching, humor and knowledge is awesome. I once again have learnt a lot, and really like your encouragement in using tinctures topically for pain, I will do that and experiment with it 馃檪 Big hug from NZ xox

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