1. I forgot to mention that a couple of months after the MRI the numbness in my hands went into my feet also. The pressure in my hands is intense (especially at nighttime) I also try and do neck exercises/stretches daily and occasionally I will hear a very loud CRACK inside my head, which is terrifying to hear but there is no pain when this happens.

  2. for all your troubles i was shocked when you said you were coming up to 65. Hope i look as well at that age is all i can say. Good luck for the future and hope all turns out positively for you. As a music lover my tinnitus can be very disruptive and i have to have a fan on in the bedroom irrespective of the weather just to mask the noise. I'm lucky in a way as it is not constant and spicy foods seem to aggravate the condition so easy to avoid them. However after years of the condition i can 'relax' into the condition thus lowering blood pressure which can help reduce the noise…sometimes. Not sure how this may help you but thought it worth mentioning.

  3. Is it ironic to "like" this video being the subject matter is pain? It is so frustrating to have doctors not "LISTEN" to you, then misdiagnose or provide the wrong treatment. Nobody understands someone else' pain because everyone's pain is their own pain. I had a lot of similar experiences after getting rear ended in a car accident in 2016. In short, it hurt between my shoulder blades every time I inhaled so just breathing caused constant pain. I did lots of physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, chiropractors, epidural, ablation, heat, ice, and that suction cup thing that swimmers do. Maybe I got a little relief sometimes, but the pain always came back. Sometimes it felt like someone hitting me on the spine with a ball peen hammer and sometimes it felt like a knife (which I preferred over the hammer), but mostly a broomstick jammed into my back.

    Sounds like Canada has the same type of medical where the insurance controls the doctor's decision. I myself in the last year found a chiropractor that LISTENED to my story and symptoms and almost fixed me in one shot. I also ended up on "THE ELIMINATION DIET" because it turned out I had chronic inflammation as well which was pinching some nerves. After thousands of dollars spent and actually getting sued by my own health insurance (no kidding), I found some relief and regained my Quality of Life. I have been called a hypochondriac many times and even lost friends because of that life changing event.

    MY ADVICE TO YOU, LARRY is to keep trying different things until you find what works for you. All kinds of people would give me their advice as if they were an "EXPERT" in my pain and knew nothing of what I was going through. I would have gone on disability if I could at the time. All of my energy was just to make it through the day of work, hit a drive through on the way home, lay in bed, or sleep hoping I would wake up feeling better. One thing you said is that SOME DAYS YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE CURED. I had that happen many times, so don't give up hope. What was different about those days where you felt better? What food did you put in your body? I found that THE ELIMINATION DIET made a bunch of symptoms go away or improve over 95%. It was not necessarily for identifying food allergies, but food sensitivity. The most surprising one for me was cucumbers give me heartburn. I really hope you find something that works. Good luck to you.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story Larry. I have had to have time off work in the past for health issues and it can be difficult to speak up when you’re suffering, I found.

  5. Hi Larry, I feel for you. I am 60 and my shoulders and neck are always stiff due to driving for a living over many years. I also now have round shoulders due to the driving position and poor posture from sitting all day. I also wake up un the morning with back ache from sleeping. Getting old is not always fun.

  6. I developed neuropathy in my feet and hands a few months back which can be quite painful, to various degrees, shooting pains. Some of the worst and inconvenient places to get pain. No cure for it other than pain blockers which don't always work, are addictive and can have side effects, not to mention they do not repair the dying nerve endings which is essentially what it is.. So, I'm taking a tablets that have derivatives of vitamin A and D and ALA acid to help keep the veins open. It can take a while to work but if it does it can repair the nerves. So I know a bit of what it's like and can empathize with you.

  7. To survive in the modern world we need a job. The repetitive nature of most jobs is a recipe for RSI and chronic disabilities. So many of us empathize with you, Larry. Our bodies are strained or broken but the help we need is not readily available. Unless workplace practices recognize this and change it will happen for generations after us. I sincerely hope you get a satisfactory result soon. At least your retirement age is still 65. Ours here (Australia) is now 67 and the carrot always seems to be just out of reach.

  8. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right doctor and treatment. It took me 30 years of pain until I could get my surgery. I hope you can find relief soon. Be careful with those pain meds though. I was on and off of them for a long time and they are not really a long-term solution. Good luck with your disability payments as well. I've been through that process too. All the best, Larry.

  9. One of the most moving videos I’ve seen. It’s certainly a very difficult journey you’ve been on. You’ve done amazingly well to get through and still manage to produce your amazing content.

  10. Sorry you've had it so rough Larry but things are getting better for you,your getting proper medical attention now,your You Tube channel is flourishing and you have Mollie,yes each day is better then the day before Larry. Bob.

  11. CBD. Marijuana. Edibles. Stuffs a cure-all and those markets have finally opened up to the true potential. There's a million applications. It's one of the best anti inflammatory and joint supplements(yes, supplements,not just illicit drug) on the planet. I'd bet you'd find a lot of healing properties in that realm

  12. Best of luck with your health Larry from a fellow Sparks fan, my shoulder and arm has been agony for the past few weeks, thanks for your advice in saying you need to speak up. I will do that from now on.

  13. Hi Larry
    You are not alone in this
    My wife has suffered in a similar way for the last 10 years, I know it’s frustrating seeing those ‘useless’ doctors as she calls them
    So many visits to ‘specialists’ who can do nothing but prescribe painkillers
    As I said you are not alone
    Hope you can find a cure, if so can you let us all know

  14. Hey Larry!! Have Been Going Through some Health Issues Myself…. I Just Turned 70 …. Get Frustrated!! Thanks For Honesty!! Honored To See You Sharing And being Open With Your health Issues…. Being A Fellow Music Collector, I Feel Even Closer In Our Kinship!!! Good Luck And Keep The Faith!!!

  15. Hi Larry, wow that is one hell of an emotional story. Very honest and revealing as always. You have , and are clearly still having , some very difficult times which I truly hope you can get some resolution with. It’s great though that you haven’t lost your fun side and humour that comes through so strongly in most of your posts. keep that going and don’t lose heart.

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