US marijuana users reap benefits of expanded legalisation

Last month’s US election wasn’t just about choosing a new president. Votes were also held on the use of marijuana. Four more …


  1. Another example of the harm inflicted upon society by so called do-gooders who coerce all with mean-spirited, anti-liberty laws. Live free, let others live free, and all will be better than allowing a select few control your lives based on their tastes.

  2. The DEA recently classified the CBD medicine found in Cannabis plants. CBD has no effect of a high or euphoria. CBD acts as a stabilizer to balance the THC in Cannabis plants. CBD can be separated from the THC. But the DEA has made CBD illegal and comparable to Heroine in its classification as schedule 1

  3. Any responsable parent would ensure there children's comfort. I would.
    Pharma drugs do way more damage than mother natures natural remedies that are 'free' of charge !!!

  4. I have a friend whose seizures went away entire with medical marijuana. I have autism and depression and it helps me too. The people who end up going to the hospital after having marijuana usually go because they are overwhelmed by the effects of eating it. It's better to smoke it because the effects happen immediately and so you never taken an overwhelming amount. What happens when you eat it is that it takes an hour or so to take effect and so people are likely to eat a lot of it. Then, when it does take effect, it either makes you hungry for more of the medicated edible (which leads to an even stronger effect later) or it makes you feel overwhelmingly sleepy. Some people just freak out when they feel that, thinking they have taken too much, but really they are in no danger at all. It is impossible for a human being to consume a lethal amount of THC. You can even say that for water, so really people who go to the hospital are just psychologically unprepared to feel high.

  5. in 2014 Florida voted on medical Marijuana and it received a majority vote of 57.62% but the state required a vote of 60% or above for the amendment to be put in place. just two years later amendment 2 received a majority win of 71.32% – or 6,518,919 yes votes cast. Congratulations Florida!!!!

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