Vegan gummy recipe. How to cook CBD gummies

Hiram, the cofounder of Canbiance shares their recipe for a vegan CBD gummy. In this video, a pre-workout infused gummy is …


  1. Fantastic vid! I really love the format you are using. Really easy to follow. I have a question. Can I use cannabis-infused oil (or tincture perhaps?) with this recipe? If so, how?

  2. I didn't have enough pectin, so instead of 80 grams of pectin I had 52 grams and added 20 grams of tapioca starch with it.
    I'm seeing the texture of my gummies might not be firm enough. Did i mess it up with the tapioca starch? Is there a way to fix this without throwing the batch out?

  3. The title is miss leading as you don't show no CBD, it's just a pre-workout gummy. Nice scientific detail just don't clickbait via the title. Peace

  4. Hi! I’m very sorry to bother you with this question but to you happen to know if I can sub the tapioca syrup with glucose? It’s really really hard to get corn syrup in my country. Also there are no gummies sold at the cbd shops in my area and the taste and smell of cbd makes me nauseous. Thank you so much for your help.

  5. Hi I used a depositor for my Gummies, I Do Batches of 40 molds at a time. My depositor is heated witch i could keep the temperature at 220 or more degrees at all time. If i used Pectin will I be able to use my depositor, before the gummies solidifies?

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  7. Great video very detailed thanks. When you say about just adding CBD, I thought that CBD isolate is not soluble in liquid ( water mainly) So how will this work specifically in achieving say 10mg of cbd in one gummie please? Thanks

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