ViparSpectra KS5000 Weed Harvest // First Time Trying 2 New Strains

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  1. I got the Airvape pro about a monyh ago, on your recommendation, and I'm loving it. It's easy to use and I'm seriously loving the flavor. About 410f for flower in sesh mode gives me and my wife some great pulls and the product looks thoroughly cooked. I barely clean it, a few brushes and a wipe on the micro dossing disk does the job.

    So thanks again for the great review!

  2. The only problem you have is you need to keep transplanting from small to medium to big plastic containers eventually into a fabric pot it will train the root ball

  3. Hey broski. Im a German law student and weed is illegal here so I had to quit smoking but I cant stop watching your videos. One day I will be able to grow to your videos again. Keep up the content, I love it and Greetings from the windy country.

  4. The only floral flavors I can tolerate is like orange flower snd lavender if done RIGHT! I'm so proud of you! You got me wanting to try growing my own lol

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