1. B.S. more high school aged youth are smoking weed in states like California where statewide competency levels in core cognition is 33% and less than 8% in some districts.

  2. I don’t think marijuana is addicting at all. I used to smoke marijuana and drink all the time in my adolescence. I haven’t smoked in 9 years and I probably have a beer once a month. Addiction isn’t all about the substances you use. It’s more directly related to your mental health, culture, and situational environment. Which is the biggest problem in America.

  3. Can anyone explain why alcohol and cigarettes and cars are legal and marijuana is not???

    Alcohol and cigarettes combined kill about a half million ppl every year, cars kill about a million ppl every year, marijuana kills nobody!!

    Yet it is perfectly legal to drive a car while smoking a cigarette and having boxes of alcohol in your trunk, but god forbid I had 1 gram of weed with me I go to jail….?????????


  4. Ironically I live in Texas and there barely allowing marijuana to expanded for medical use. But living in a red state with more concerns with lack of infrastructure, a more proper Medicare system, or any if at all different jobs would be backwards regardless

  5. See then its the police they be watching niggas who smoke like i feel like 1 day they gonna dp something about it me im going in the military im drinking detox im willing to stop i moght even go back to rehab ots probably the best thing for me

  6. Dont blaim the child gettingnthere hands on pot on the pot but blame the parent

    Thats like blamjng alchahol cause kids got there hands kn there parents booze

    You blame the bad parents not the substance

  7. Now compare alcohol which is legal. More crime violence and death that has already been proven with statistics. Marijuana is hands down not bad for society and is more responsible to make legal if your comparing it to alcohol which should be illegal, sorry that's how I feel about it.

  8. Let’s forget about using the marijuana for smoking purposes only. It should be legalized for medicine and all the products that can be made from it.

  9. They were highs and what? If its legal, its the same as alcohol. People crash drunk everyday and nobody is banning alcohol. I think its just that people are not used to it and eventually (is that spelled right?) they will calm down a little. Hopefully 🙃

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