Acme Township Marijuana Dispensaries Frustrated with Township Leaders, Hope for Rec Sales

Medical marijuana dispensary owners in Acme Township are frustrated with Township leaders who still aren’t allowing the sale of recreational marijuana.

Co-Founder of Red Bud Roots in Acme, Alex Leonowicz, says they opened two years ago under the impression an ordinance for recreational marijuana would eventually come.

“We relied on it with the hiring and opening of our store and the investment of just over $1 million into this facility. And to date, there’s been no movement on it,” Leonowicz explains.

Dispensaries can operate in Acme Township. However, only medical sales are allowed, which requires a medical marijuana card. With less medical card holders and recreational sales allowed in neighboring municipalities, it’s made it tough for dispensaries in Acme to survive.

“As a license holder it’s incredibly frustrating. The tax benefits are there the job creation is there and the investment back into the community is there,” Leonowicz said.

As a result, dispensaries in Acme have closed. Township Supervisor Doug White says there was never any guarantees recreational marijuana would ever be allowed in the township.

“I realize they all say, ‘well look at how much money you lost because you didn’t do it.’ I look at it another way and say, ‘look at the amount of money we didn’t lose due to the fact of litigation,” White says.

Weedstore2White says he’s not ruling out recreational marijuana sales, he just wants to get it right.

“It’s so new we want to walk before we run. We want to make sure when we make a move, one way or the other, that we do it right,” White states.

Dispensary owners in Acme Township say they are trying to stay optimistic as they meet with township leaders in the coming days.

“The meeting tomorrow is really simple. It’s a last ditch effort to try and see if we can reach an amicable resolution between the license holders and the planning commission on the drafting of an adult use ordinance,” Leonowicz says.

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