1. Same thing happened to me, I was a heavyyy stoner and ended up getting addicted to THC and then developing reallyyyyyy bad anxiety. Can’t do any THC anymore because my anxiety is so bad and I’ll just have the worst time.

  2. I used to be such a heavy smoker and eventually the marijuana started enhancing my anxiety to where I was convinced I was gonna have a heart attack, I haven’t smoked in almost a year and I have anxiety about every little thing. So I really need to get my hands on some pure relief!!!! Thank you for this video.

  3. Cbd helped me let thc weed go… I used to smoke thc everyday for almost 2 years, than I started to use cbd just to have the same smoking feeling and to feel a lil bit chilled, and now I use thc just a few times every month and if I wanna smoke in between I just smoke a cbd joint and it really really helped me btw great video Hannah 🙂

  4. I use both CBD and THC, but CBD really works wonders. My body reacts to my anxiety and stress, and whenever I have a CBD gummy I can slowly feel muscles all over my body release all my built up tension.

  5. Just saying CBD does have a small cognitive effect, but for me it is not enough, i have to use THC because I need the intense cognitive high to slow my brain down. So it’s okay if you’ve tried CBD and it’s not enough.

  6. I love using pure relief joints they are so smooth and i really wanna get their gummies. They really did help with my physical pain and stress highly recommend especially if your constantly stressed or dont want to try actually smoking marijuana . BTW i love your makeup tutorial??

  7. Cbd is pretty ineffective without any sort of thc for any medical issues. And in joints it’s hard to find any cbd joints without any thc, it may not necessarily get you high depending on the levels but it’s actually more effective with a low component thc.

  8. Thank you so so so much for making this video. You’re actually the one who introduced me to cbd products & I just started smoking cbd joints & I can tell already how much they’re helping. I’m one who also gets super overwhelmed/stressed/anxious when it comes to facing my day to day tasks so it really helps calm me down. So thank you!!!❤️

  9. CBD helps with my anxiety and back pain (caused by my anxiety and tension on my muscles due to being anxious). Makes me feel so care free which is what I crave when I’m having racing and repetitive thoughts. I know how to self sooth but I was honestly getting tired of taking on my anxiety with no help. CBD has been a life saver for sure, it’s perfect for stress and tension relief!

  10. Do you think it would help getting off normal cigarettes too ? I didn’t want to get a vape because I feel they’re just as bad and that I would just vape and smoke both! Also do they deliver to the U.K.? X

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